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Douglas Feith "Teaching" at Georgetown as a "Professor"!

Douglas Feith "Teaching" at Georgetown as a "Professor"!

   1. I will shortly circulate the text of the report in today's
Washington Post on the official disclosure that Douglas Feith in fact
fabricated "intelligence" that was used by the administration to justify
the invasion of Iraq.
   2. Separately it has been reported that Feith has been appointed as
a "Visiting Professor and Distinguished Practitioner in National
Security Policy" at Georgetown University's Edmond A.Walsh School of
Foreign Service. That term "distinguished practitioner" really does grate.
   3. One of my correspondents, a retired Foreign Service Officer like
me, has emailed me a copy of the protest message he has emailed to the
Dean of the Walsh School. Here is the text of his protest, which
obviously appeals to me:
"In view of the recent report of the Department of Defense's Inspector
General, it would appear that Douglas Feith has no business teaching at
the Georgetown School of Foreign Service.  What is the message you wish
to send to your students?  What would you do to a doctoral candidate who
falsified data for his or her dissertation?  Mr. Feith's actions have
made clear that he lied to drag his country into war.  He shares
criminal responsibility for every US soldier and innocent civilian who
has died in Iraq.  The School of Foreign Service should terminate his
employment immediately."
  4. He suggested that others of us should follow his example and
protest to Georgetown. If you would like to do so, may I suggest that
you use your own wording, to make the protest more effective, though no
doubt the recipient will recognize a concerted campaign.
   5. Your message should be addressed to the Dean of the Walsh School
of Foreign Service, Robert Gallucci. The address is:
   6. If you object to this sort of effort, just don't join it. If you
feel like supporting Douglas Feith, send him a message. Unfortunately I
don't have his email address.
   7. I am listening to the ABC evening news. The Feith news is the
first item. They call it "manipulating" intelligence. It was
"fabrication." Sorry. There was no apology from Feith, whom they
   8. We shall see. Or we won't.
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