Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Ho, Kurniawan, Hiemnstra at Roq La Rue

Ho, Kurniawan, Hiemnstra at Roq La Rue

Artist David Ho's work, seen here, will be shown as part of a new group show opening this Friday at Seattle's Roq La Rue gallery. Also exhibiting will be Ronald Kurniawan and Femke Hiemnstra. From the description of Ho's art:
DhocandDavid Ho’s work is created digitally, yet has the feel and look of aged watercolors. The series he is exhibiting, "Candice the Ghost" is a short departure from his more dark and sinister work. The series is devoted to a story about a little girl who dies and becomes a ghost. Her desire to become human forces her to look upon the human race with jealousy and rage - a kind of love/hate relationship. But with help from the gods, she ultimately learns to control her inner demons, attain inner peace and help mankind. This parable uses Eastern imagery and philosophy as its map, though the journey Candice must make will look familiar to anyone who has looked inward at the dark side within.
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