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Tim Biskup, Attaboy, Johnny Ryan, Seonna Hong, Gilbert Hernandez, and Eric Reynolds.

Fantagraphics Books has just published BEASTS!, 

BEASTS! a comix bestiary of cryptids

Beasts Coversmall-2 Vampbeast-1
Fantagraphics Books has just published BEASTS!, a magnificent bestiary of mythological and cryptozoological critters depicted by more than one hundred edgy artists, cartoonists, and illustrators including Tim Biskup, Attaboy, Johnny Ryan, Seonna Hong, Gilbert Hernandez, and Eric Reynolds. The BEASTS! menagerie includes the usual suspects like Bigfoot and Nessie, proto-cryptids like the Gorgon and Golem, and also dozens of monsters you've probably never met before like the Japanese Gaki, French Melusine, and the human-eating Odontotyrannus of the Ganges River. (Above, Vampire by Sam Weber.) The 200-page hardcover volume was created and curated by Fantagraphics' talented art director Jacob Covey and beautifully produced in full color on gold-edged paper. Absolutely magnificent.
 Blog Uploaded Images Biskup-Amarmait-741509-1
From the description of the Amermait (above), illustrated by Tim Biskup:
The voracious Amermait of Egypt sits beneath the scales of justice in the underworld. Comprising aspects of three deadly beasts--the jaws of a crocodile, the head of a lion, and the body of a hippopotamus--the Amermait, or Ammut, devours the souls of the unworthy with expert ferocity. When a soul arrives for judgment, its heart is weighed upon the scales against a feather that represents the truth. The heart must weigh the same as the feather--neither more nor less--for a soul to escape the appetites of the Amermait.
BEASTS! book release parties and artist signings are taking place at the following locations:
* Grass Hut Gallery, Portland, February 2, 6pm
* Giant Robot NY, New York City, February 24, 7pm
* Quimby's Bookstore, Chicago, March 9, 7pm
Link to buy BEASTS!

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