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Molly Ivins Hospitalized

Molly Ivins Hospitalized
In media news, the columnist and best-selling author Molly Ivins has been hospitalized again in her ongoing battle with breast cancer. She was first diagnosed with cancer in 1999 and has successfully fought it off several times. Her sister said the cancer has back with a vengeance and has spread through her body.

Father Robert Drinan, 86, Dies
Father Robert Drinan has died at the age of 86. In 1970 he ran for Congress an on anti-war platform. He won and became the first Roman Catholic priest to serve in Congress. In 1973 Drinan introduced the first resolution to impeach President Nixon. Drinan felt Nixon should be impeached not over the Watergate scandal, but the secret bombing of Cambodia.

500 Mourn Death of Alice Coltrane
And in California, about 500 people gathered on Saturday for a memorial for the jazz musician and spiritual leader Alice Coltrane who died earlier this month at the age of 69. The service was held at the Sai Anantam Ashram, the spiritual retreat where Coltrane had taught and lived for the past 15 years. Alice Coltrane was recently interviewed on Pacifica Radio for a documentary about her husband, John Coltrane.

  • Alice Coltrane: "Music is so wonderful, so powerful. Music is utilized for healing. Music makes people forget their pain, their troubles. Music is used in practically every religious service all over the world. Music is utilized in worshipping God. And it is a powerful, nearly invisible force that reaches into the hearts of people – not only the intellect and the intelligence but to reach into the heart and spirit and that's where good is taking place."
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