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Aborigines of Stone Age Australia

Aborigines of Stone Age Australia

stone age

Buster was the resident policeman of Fitzroy Crossing, a one-horse town in Kimberley, NW Australia. With two aborigine trackers, the four of us were on the last mounted police patrol, a 700 mile ride on mules visiting some of the Cattle Stations north of the King Leopold Range. Gibb River Station was our most northern destination and we had come to check up on the activities of two German archaeologists, Andreas and Katharina Lommel.

Katharina is an artist, and her job was to trace the Wandjina paintings on the walls of the sacred Aborigine site, and then copy them onto canvas so that she could reproduce the original colours. In 1955 there was no colour photography. Her paintings can still be seen in the Munich Natural History Museum.
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