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A message from Ed Peck re an important website--1/18/07


I would like to suggest that you take a few moments for a painful but
perhaps necessary introduction - for almost all of you, I am sure - to
another facet of what we have done, and are doing wrong in and to Iraq.
Neither a particularly pleasant nor easy read, it does provide the
possibility of a better understanding of why far too many people in far
too many places no longer see us as a source of compassion,
understanding and dialogue.

Mr. Bert Sacks has a blog
<> in which he details both the
explicit intent and the devastating effects of the US-induced UN-imposed
/total* */embargo on Iraq at the end of the first Gulf War.  His own
involvement in taking medicines to Iraqi children dying of water-borne
diseases (our intentional aerial destruction of the electricity grid
rendered sewage treatment as well as water purification facilities
inoperative) is documented, as is the Government's punishment of his
courageous, purely humanitarian act.  His struggles in the legal system,
capped by a petition to the Supreme Court filed earlier this month, is
also covered.

It is a litany of distressingly open and blatantly admitted efforts
by successive Administrations to inflict savagely inhumane, protracted
punishment on the helpless people of Iraq, to force them to depose
Saddam, something they could not do (and some did not want to do).

As another painful but necessary step, I also urge you to Google
Albright-Stahl interview, to see the American Ambassador to the UN
unabashedly state that the death of 500,000 Iraqi children is ". . .
worth it."  Note that it does not matter whether the number is accurate,
or whether we were indeed responsible: the world has seen her say it,
thousands of times (it was aired once here, in May of '96), and it is as
indelible, as ineradicable a moment as the photos of 9/11 or those from
Abu Ghraib.

(It is not in any way my intention to demean or to denigrate Dr.
Albright, who had the very difficult task of defending and explaining
our foreign policies.  It was not a slip of the tongue, however, since
she went on in an effort to justify the deaths.)

With apologies,

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