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Rice in Ramallah: Gross Interference

Rice in Ramallah: Gross Interference

I am listening to the NBC evening news. A very, very brief item at 7:15
p.m. showed Rice visiting with Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) in Ramallah.
The only voice-over news was that Rice had promised him $86 million to
build up his forces to confront Hamas in Palestine. (I can't quote it
exactly but that was the gist of the report.) Rice is on a trip to the
Middle East to revive the moribund "peace process"?
This is an insane interference in Palestinian affairs. It won't succeed,
and if we are successful in engineering new Palestinian elections, what
do you think the outcome would be? Overwhelming victory for Hamas. That
is, if the new elections are free and fair, as they were the last time
on January 25, 2006. Of course there won't be any new elections, as they
would be illegal, and Abu Mazen can't call them. The predictable result
of this investment in chaos will be further internecine warfare within
the Palestinian community, which is of course what our government and
Israel want, so that they can continue to write off any "peace process"
because "we don't have a partner." Of course we don't. Why should they
"partner" with us?
Tell your Congress members to vote against such use of your taxpayer
money. Would we appreciate a foreign government investing $86 million in
our elections to influence the outcome? We are supporting democracy in
the Middle East? We are promoting our own corrupt political system, and
promoting its corruption there. Israel doesn't need to invest any money
in our elections. Don't ask. Don't tell. That‘s what our media do.

Robert V. Keeley
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