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Sexwork at NGBK (J. Jackie Baier/Courtesy Agency Yorckberlin)

We just got back from our trip to Berlin, so just a short blurb. Due to Kafkaesk meanderings of the German state museum organisation - a tale I reserve for later - we ended up not photographing inside the Hamburger Bahnhof, as planned, but instead spent a rather impromptu but very pleasant afternoon working at the NGBK, which roughly translates as the New Society for Visual Arts.


If ever Koen Hauser would have a sister in photography, it would be Yvonne Todd, one of the younger photographers to emerge in New Zealand. Art critic and gallery owner Anna Miles has commented that Todd ‘cultivates a visual equivalent to the incomprehension we sometimes feel at the strange behaviour of others, or more chillingly, ourselves.’ That abouts pinpoints it beautifully, I would say.

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