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Sheehan Arrested Outside Bush Meeting

Sheehan Arrested Outside Bush Meeting
Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates were all in attendance. The President also received some uninvited guests. Peace mom Cindy Sheehan and four other anti-war activists were arrested at a barricade on the president’s ranch. Sheehan said she wanted to display a “peace surge” as the White House moves towards a “troop surge” in Iraq. Sheehan’s son Casey was killed in Iraq in April 2004. 

Bush Admin Lists Polar Bear as Endangered Species
Facing a possible court battle over its lack of action on global warming, the Bush administration has agreed to declare the polar bear an endangered species. The move comes after environmental groups threatened to sue the White House for failing to protect the bears. The bears’ arctic habitat has seen declining ice coverage by the year – a decline environmentalist blame on global warming. Despite acknowledging the conditions in the bears’ habitats, the White House indicated no plans to curb Alaska oil drilling or impose new limits on emissions of greenhouse-gas.

    Greenpeace Research Director Kert Davies: "It's in law now. They have to account for the voice of the bear and the impact on the polar bear of any actions that are taken. So they have to account for increases in global warming pollution that might be caused by a federal project or a by an energy development project. We don't know how they're going to handle this yet, but by law, they should have to account for the inevitable impact of global warming, to global warming, of anything that the government does."
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