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Better Late Than Never (January 11, 2007)

The New York Review of Books
January 11, 2007

Better Late Than Never
By Michael Tomasky

Shortly after 10 PM on the night of Tuesday, December 12, 2000, in

Tallahassee, Florida, James Addison Baker III received a telephone

call from George W. Bush, who was in Austin, Texas, that night and

already in his pajamas. The United States Supreme Court had just

handed down the decisions in Bush v. Gore. There was much confusion in

both Democratic and Republican camps as lawyers and aides scrambled to

interpret the decisions. Television reporters, reading the opinions

for the first time on the air, offered wildly differing (and

ill-informed) interpretations. Bush's strategist Karl Rove, watching

one channel at campaign headquarters in northern Virginia, concluded

that the Court had decided in his candidate's favor and called the

Texas governor to congratulate him. Bush, watching another channel

that was spinning the decisions differently, thought the opposite.


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