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Wojnarowicz’s work emerged directly from his life. He knew little art history, had no training past

Wojnarowicz’s work emerged directly from his life. He knew little art history, had no training past high school, and made a point of not trolling the galleries to see what everyone else was doing. Exposed to unusual hardship as a boy, as a sexually active teen, and as a street person, he didn’t see his experience reflected in the culture. Art was his a
ntidote. Art was his way of witnessing

David Wojnarowicz... Untitled - Sirloin Steaks (1983, Acrylic on poster, Collection of Hal Bromm, New York). From David Wojnarowicz at Queer Arts. "...David Wojnarowicz was born in Red Bank, New Jersey in 1954. The product of an extremely difficult childhood brought on by an abusive family life and an emerging sense of his own homosexuality, Wojnarowicz dropped out of high school and was living on the streets by the age of sixteen. He turned to hustling in Times Square. After hitchhiking many times across the U.S. and living for several months in San Francisco and Paris, he settled in New York's East Village in 1978. Many of Wojnarowicz' works incorporate outsider experiences drawn from his personal history and from stories he heard from the people he met in bus stations and truck stops while hitchhiking. By the late 1970s he had, in his own words, 'started developing ideas of making and preserving an authentic version of history in the form of images/writings/objects that would contest state-supported forms of history.' In such diverse works as Sounds in the Distance (1982), a collection of monologues from 'people who lived and worked in the streets' and The Weight of the Earth, Part I & II (1988), an arrangement of black-and-white photographs taken during his travels and life in New York, Wojnarowicz continually returned to the personal voices of individuals stigmatized by society." Also... Works by David Wojnarowicz at P.P.O.W and Where Evil Dwells (Flash Video 28:33, 1985) by David Wojnarowicz and Tommy Turner - part of Cinema of Transgression at UbuWeb Film.
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