Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Top Songs


31 "The Clock"
Thom Yorke
Radiohead's singer makes tense, hermetic despair from tangled strands of looped 
guitar and insect-chatter percussion.

60 "Phenomena" [Song]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Karen O gets hot for a dude who's "something like an astronomer," while Nick Zinner's 
space-punk guitar rocks like a hip-hop DJ on the cut.

71 "Let Me Know" [Song]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
This spare acoustic B side to "Gold Lion" could have been a children's play song: Its lazy 
martial rhythm and Karen O's vocals circle endlessly back upon themselves. Perfect for 
jumping rope or nodding out.

88"The Greatest" [Song]
Cat Power
The strings are breathtaking and the backing vocals are ethereal, but it's Chan Marshall's 
eerily aching voice that makes this soar.

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