Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Ron Galella

Ron Galella's Disco Years 

Grace Jones 

July 10, 1980: N.Y.C., Bonds. Beneath a giant poster for herself, Bianca receives a 
birthday kiss from Halston, who hosted her party. 

December 2, 1978: N.Y.C., Olympic Towers. Lester Persky, Andy Warhol, 
and Truman Capote at Steve Rubell's birthday party. 

December 31, 1979: NYC, Harkness House. Mick Jagger and his second wife, 
model Jerry Hall, at Woody Allen's New Year's Eve party

June 25, 1976: NYC, studio of hairstylist Peter John. Galella focuses on 
Morgan Fairchild. Photograph by Karen Cullen. 

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