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Pip's Novel Free - PDF

Pips' novel

novel, 'Faces in the Street', may be downloaded free at  -- 2.13 Mb.
What I'm sending you is in PDF form, which to me is rather like reading a brick, but you might like a copy anyway. Some people say I'm mad to give it away. I disagree.
The book is about Australia's most famous writer, Henry Lawson, his mother Louisa Lawson ('Mother of Women's Suffrage'), their radical and bohemian associates -- terrorists, anarchists and seditionists, and Henry's love affairs. It's not what you might think.
The reviews are excellent -- see  -- even from the USA and Ireland, but the interest from Australian publishers is non-existent so far. It's been suggested that the connection between an Aussie 'icon' and terrorism is too scary for them.
Don't worry about copyright; if you wish to pass it on to anyone, feel free. In fact, I encourage it, as it was written to be read and I think word-of-mouth will help this book get published. Please send this far and wide to friends and email lists. The more, the better. Much appreciated.
More info is at , so I invite you to check it out. I have self-published but am looking for a publisher. The Sydney Morning Herald will be publishing my 2,000-word essay based on the premises of the book, in the big Saturday 'Spectrum' section, probably in early January. In Late January, 'Perspective' on ABC Radio National will feature me speaking nationally on this topic, so there seems to be some interest out there. However, the goal now is to convince the literary agents and publishers. So, please pass it on! And any suggestions will be welcome.
Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year,

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