Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Kids in Foster Care

Kids in Foster Care

Kids in Foster Care

An analysis prepared for the Family Recovery Program found that in Baltimore, about 300 children younger than 5 enter foster care each year because of an addicted parent.

The children spend an average of 3.85 years in foster care at a cost of $12,800 a year. It costs $10,000 annually to treat and support an addict.

The foster care system is designed to provide for children whose parents cannot. But some current research suggests that removing children who are already vulnerable from their families may place them at a higher risk for behavioral, psychological, developmental and academic problems.

Children, including infants, who receive insensitive or unresponsive care in the foster system may have trouble forming attachments, studies have shown. Those who live in several foster homes often have emotional difficulties.

A recent University of Minnesota study followed 189 children, some of whom entered foster care. Some remained at home with neglectful or abusive families, and some had neither poor treatment nor foster care. The children in foster care appeared to have more behavioral problems than those in the other groups, and the problems persisted after they left the foster system, researchers found.

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