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News from the campaign - Chris Van Hollen selected to chair Democratic Congressional Campaign Commit

Chris is the son of Chris Sr., a Foreign Service Officer who had an
outstanding diplomatic career. His mother Eliza also had a distinguished
career in  diplomacy. Chris Jr.'s wife Katherine runs the World Affairs
Council in Washington. It's a great asset for the Democratic Party to
have  a person like Chris Jr. in the House and rising in the ranks of
the party leadership.

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Subject:        News from the campaign - Chris Van Hollen selected to chair
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) in 2008 election cycle
Date:   Wed, 20 Dec 2006 21:23:08 +0000
From:   Chris Van Hollen <>

On Tuesday, December 19 Speaker-Elect Nancy Pelosi announced that Rep.
Chris Van Hollen will chair the Democratic Congressional Campaign
Committee (DCCC) for the 2008 election cycle. In the 2006 campaign, Rep.
Van Hollen headed the DCCC's candidate recruitment committee and
co-chaired the successful Red-to-Blue campaign. House Democrats picked
up 30 seats in the last election without loosing a single Democratic seat.

Below are statements from Democratic leaders about Rep. Van Hollen's
selection to head the DCCC.

Speaker-Elect Pelosi:

"Congressman Chris Van Hollen's depth of legislative experience and
political savvy will make him an exceptional DCCC Chairman. I am
confident he will build upon the success of our outstanding Chairman
Rahm Emanuel and lead our efforts to strengthen our Democratic majority
in the House and enable us to continue to address the priorities of all

Majority Leader-Elect Hoyer:

"I observed, with great admiration, Congressman Chris Van Hollen's
service in the Maryland General Assembly for 12 years and in the
Congress during the last four years, and there simply is no question
that Chris is a rising star in the Democratic Party.

"Time and time again, Chris has demonstrated that he has the energy,
intelligence and political acumen to succeed on a national political
stage. In this last election cycle, Chris played a critical role in
recruiting the candidates across the country that helped House Democrats
regain the Majority on November 7. Now, in his new position at the DCCC,
I know Chris will do everything in his power to help the Democratic
Caucus strengthen our Majority."

Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel:

"Coming in the same class as Congressman Van Hollen, it was clear to me
from his hard-fought primary victory and even tougher general election
win that he had an acute political capacity rarely found in Washington.
As head of the recruitment team, he helped create the field that became
the Democratic majority. And, throughout this election, I sought his
advice and counsel in every critical decision I had to make. There is no
one better prepared to take the reins of the DCCC than Congressman Van
Hollen. Both his personal electoral experience and his leadership of the
Red to Blue and recruitment efforts have shown that he is a political
strategist and thinker of the first order."


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