Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

House of Shambhala

House of Shambhala

House of Shambhala merges boutique hotel escape, yoga-spa center, fine dining and teahouse all linked through dedication to Tibetan ethnicity, architectural heritage preservation and culturally sustainable development.

Begin your experience by emptying your mind......

The philosophy of Tibetan Secret Spa is contained in the Tibetan “mandala” disc, which depicts the universe beyond us as a microcosm within our physical body or subconscious mind. Tibetans believe there universe are inter-related.

Tibetan Spa applies massage techniques to different stress points to release there universal elements and bring our physical body back into contact with the non-physical universe around us. Traditional “mandala” element of wind, fire, earth and water are revealed during the experience in forms of incense, herbal oils, tea and caring human touch.

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