Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Mom and Dad's christmas letter

      This has been a pretty good year for us so far. We came home 21 Dec. from a long and interesting cruise to Brazil and the rain forest and plunged back into busy Washington life. We needed months to dispose of all the junk mail at house and on computer. In May we left for China. We had a marvelous lecturer in Peter Brown from Princeton but the trip itself was very taxing.  We covered a lot of territory in l8 days and saw a lot of fascinating things. We had done some studying and the Silk Road did not disappoint. The new Museum at Urumqi was a favorite with fabulous treasures recovered from under the sands of time. Many days we ended in bazaars, something we recommend that others try to avoid with firmness with their travel agency. I took so many photographs that some are still unalbumed. Ten days later we were in Princeton for Bob's 55th Reunion. A marvelous time with old friends. One night we had to evacuate our tent and dance floor because of lightning in the area. Carrying our lobsters and melted butter we sheltered in a nearby hall in a steep classroom. Our undergraduate minders played Hangman with us on the blackboards and circulated with white wine. Eventually our outstanding Dixieland Band, offered by a classmate, found us and we had music.
      Two weeks later we left for Greece. First, a wonderful 8 days in Athens seeing our friends. While there we always go to a few of our favorite museums. Including this year the Botero Show at the Pinoteca. Appalling and powerful, its images stay with you.  His comment on Abu Graib. While in Athens we saw our old friend Aleco, who took us to lunch at the Yacht Club, of which he is now President. When we left Bob's first posting in Greece in 1970 he bought our sailboat, Star of Oregon. He's kept the boat in mint condition (renamed Argonaftis) and recently sailed it in a 2 day race and won. The same race Bob had won years earlier. Though he has a newer and bigger boat Aleco wanted to show the young members of the Yacht Club that you don't need every modern new equipment. It was a thrill for us to pose on the old darling where we, family and friends had had such  good and sometimes even dangerous times. Then three and a half weeks in Sifnos, where it "blew" 6 to 8 Beaufort the entire time, but which did not keep us from the sea and friends.
      Back here we went to the Catskills for a week and later for Labor Day. It is a relief to know that our family home is secure, for at least the next two generations. Bob has worked devotedly for more than 8 years to sell most of our forested land to New York City, for the protection of the Watershed, to keep it "forever wild," and most important to help pay the upkeep and taxes - forever rising in both cases. Bob lectured on a Classical Cruise in the Mediterranean for 12 days in Sept./Oct. on a small ship with 70 passengers signed up from Museums, Universities and archaeological groups. Two other wonderful lecturers as well. Each stop, though we had been there before, had new delights.
      Back again to Washington, where we both did whatever we could to help elect wonderful Democrats wherever we could and the thrill of having a new team coming in has not palled amongst our so many like-minded family and friends. Thanksgiving found ten of us gathered here, with everyone helping, and happy to have Alex, in his 3rd year at Drew, and Katie in her first at NYU, home with us, their parents, both grandmothers and two uncles.
      We send you our love and hopes that we can all work for Peace and a Better
World for all in 2007.
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