Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Amy Crehore

Amy Crehore  found me!   her art work  Rocks! and is in this issue of BLAB..    "Pussycat Rag", oil

"Pussycat Rag", oil                         © Amy Crehore   2006

Amy that is so cool you found me!
I love your art!!
It reminds me of the exotic countries I have lived in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Seychelles

Chris Keeley

AMY C.  also check my website thats off the hook!   goto

I have been following your art!!! 

AMY WRITES CHRIS tonight: ... ... ...>

My "Banana Eater" painting (on my homepage at is in this issue of "Blab!17" as well, plus many other works of art that are not listed here.

Also, we had an art show in Sept/Oct at CoproNason Gallery and you can still view the art on .

It's a great issue!

Love your blog! :)

Amy Crehore
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