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David Bonior would lead Edwards campaign

Jeff met John Edwards when he ran for President the last time.  In my opinion, he is far and away the best candidate to beat John McCain or any other Republican candidate.  He certainly surpasses the quasi-Republican voting Hilary Clinton.  In the area of worker's rights, the best I can say about the Clinton years is that he did us no harm, but he certainly was not a strong advocate of issues that helped labor - organized or unorganized.  I would expect even less support from the wine and cheese "non-liberal" senator from New York.

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Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2006 21:22:23 -0600
Subject: [RUL] AP: David Bonior would lead Edwards campaign
Bonior would lead Edwards campaign
Associated Press

WASHINGTON - Former Rep. David Bonior, a one-time leader in Congress who has
close ties to labor unions, has signed on to manage a future John Edwards
presidential campaign.

Edwards hasn't announced a repeat of his 2004 presidential bid yet, but an
Edwards adviser said Thursday that Bonior will run the effort if Edwards
decides to run. In the meantime, Bonior has signed on as a senior adviser to
Edwards' leadership PAC, the One America Committee.

Bonior represented Detroit's northern suburbs for 26 years in the House,
rising to be the No. 2 Democrat before stepping down in 2002 for an
unsuccessful campaign for Michigan governor.

Bonior was a leading advocate for labor unions, a constituency that Edwards
has aggressively been working to build support since losing the vice
presidency as John Kerry's running mate in 2004.

Since leaving Congress, Bonior has been a professor of labor studies at
Detroit's Wayne State University and chairman of American Rights at Work,
which promotes employees' rights to unionize.

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