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Nina ReMixed


Front Cover, Color Corrected

1. I Can't See Nobody-Daniel Y. Remix Listen Listen
2. Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter-Jazzeem's All Styles Remix Listen Listen
3. Ain't Got No-I Got Life-Groovefinder Remix Listen Listen
4. Save Me-Coldcut Remix Listen Listen
5. Turn Me On-Tony Humphries Got U Turned On Dub Listen Listen
6. Here Comes The Sun-Francois K. Remix Listen Listen
7. Westwind-Organice Remix Listen Listen
8. Go To Hell-Mowo Remix Listen Listen
9. My Man's Gone Now-DJ Wally Remix Listen Listen
10. The Look Of Love-Madison Park Vs. Lenny B Remix Listen Listen
11. O-O-H Child-Nickodemus Remix Listen Listen
12. To Love Somebody-Chris Coco's Stadium Rocker Remix Listen Listen
13. Obeah Woman-DJ Logic Remix
Shirley Bassey (2001's "The Remix Album...Diamonds Are Forever"), "Remixed & Reimagined" features remixes of 13 separate songs, with no repeats. Also unlike those remix albums, this one does not have any house/club/dance remixes (altho' "To Love Somebody" is a funky up-tempo neo-Motown/Phil Spector's Wall of Sound style remix); most of the remixes are similar to (but not as good as) Joe Cladussell's remix of Nina Simone's "Feelin' Good", found on the first "Verve/Remixed" album; the sound/style is called "Chill House or Lounge" on the back of the album.

REMIXED & REIMAGINED consists of 13 tracks. The 13 remixes (13 different songs by 13 different remixers) are from Nina Simone's RCA recordings, originally recorded 1967-1973 (some are remixes of live recordings, none are songs written by Nina Simone). The disc is not packaged in a jewel case; it is cardboard single flap fold-over with a clear plastic disc holder glued inside. There is no booklet, but the inside of the front panel includes original recording dates, which RCA album the song is from, and the remix information. There are no song lyrics, photographs, or additional artwork included.

The biggest problems with this album are that it is (1) hard to find and (2) overpriced. If it was readily available and under ten bucks, I'd be much more enthusiastic about it. Another problem is that the first several tracks are actually much shorter than the times listed ("I Can't See Nobody" is under 3 minutes); they fade-out much too gradually. With that stated, it is an enjoyable collection of both remixed songs and reinterpretations of Nina Simone recordings.

While most of the tracks are standard remixes (new music added to original vocals), a few of the remixes sound more like new instrumental tracks that sample Nina Simone's voice ("Turn Me On" is, as indicated, not a remix but a seven-plus minute Dub).

Since there are so few decent collections of remixed classic recordings, this would be a welcome addition to the collection of anyone who enjoys the genre.

I hope more "Remixed & Reimagined" projects are to come... I suggest Dinah Washington, Josephine Baker, Lena Horne, Eartha Kitt, and, the Mother of Modern Music, Bessie Smith!
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