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Sophe Lux's

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Sophe Lux's

Sophe Lux: PJ Harvey meets Freddy Mercury


I've been listening to Sophe Lux's CD Waking the Mystics nonstop for a week or so, and just loving it. The Portland, OR eclectic glam band is fronted by Wendy Haynes, who sounds a little like PJ Harvey by way of Freddy Mercury. The songwriting is often hilarious, sometimes profound, and the songs veer from faux-psychedelic 1960s clavier rock ("God Doesn't Take American Express") to luscious sci-fi rock opera ("Marie Antoinette Robot 2073") to bouncy numbers like "Little Soldiers of Time." It's singable, it's danceable and the concert DVD I've been perusing suggests that this is the kind of thing you want to see live, too. Link 



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On November 24th, 2006 07:09 pm (UTC), elnigma commented:
Haynes' voice is amazing, she can sound like anybody. She can sound so like Kate Bush its scary, or do a thing that sounds Freddy Mercury, as you'd noted. But I'm not sure the melodies hook me. They need something more intense, in some way I'm not sure I can pinpoint. Its odd.
But if I was a band, I'd try to woo her over to sing for us. :)
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