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8 punk and post-punk female singer videos

8 punk and post-punk female singer videos

I had so much fun time compiling that list of 70s punk band videos, I compiled another list. This one features some of my favorite female vocalists.

Picture 4-13 1. The Flying Lizards: Money (1979?)

Featuring scary minimalist singer Deborah Lizard.

Picture 5-15 2. Joan Jett: Cherry Bomb (1982?)

Joan Jett was a member of The Runaways, which did this song first.

Picture 6-6 3. Danielle Dax: Tomorrow Never Knows (1990)

Usually I don't like Beatles covers, but this is an exception.

Picture 7-8 4. The Runaways Schooldays (1979?)

Joan Jett was in this band before going solo.

Picture 8-7 5. Bow Wow Wow: I Want Candy (1982)

A post Sex Pistol's Malcom McLaren manufactured group.

Picture 9-4 6. X Ray Spex: The Day the World Day Glo (1976)

Singer Poly Styrene is one of my favorites. What an interesting voice!

Picture 10-1 7. BONUS: Debbie Harry sings in 1980 movie, Unmade Beds.

Picture 11-5 8. The Avengers: The American in Me (1978)

I was looking for a video of the Avengers but I couldn't find one. Luckily, Boing Boing reader Cliff did. Thanks!

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