Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

a stamp with an upside-down biplane on it

Absentee ballot mailed in using rare and valuable 1918 stamp

Dorkas says: "Someone aparently used the rare 'Inverted Jenny' stamp, which shows an upside-down biplane, to mail in their absentee ballot in Broward County, Florida. The ballot box was sealed before the stamp could be officially identified and now it can't be reopened for 22 months. The stamp might be worth up to $100,000!"
Picture 3-17 Broward County Commissioner John Rodstrom told reporters he spotted the red and blue Inverted Jenny on a large envelope with two stamps from the 1930s and another dating from World War II.

"I thought: 'Oh my God, I know that stamp, I've seen that stamp before,'" said Mr Rodstrom, 54, who collected stamps as a boy.

"I'd forgotten the name. I just remembered there was a stamp with an upside-down biplane on it, and that it was a very rare, rare stamp," he told Reuters news agency.

The official said the envelope had no return address, and the ballot was disqualified because it gave no clue as to the identity of the voter.


Four "Inverted Jenny" stamps
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