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Health effects of depleted uranium

 Health effects of depleted uranium

Subject:        Health effects of depleted uranium
Date:   Fri, 10 Nov 2006 08:12:20 -0500
To:  Robert Keeley

Dear Bob, forgive me if I sent this to you before. If I did not, I think
you should see it. It obviously has affected (and will affect) many
thousands of Americans. I am told by friends in the same field as
Professor Noll that he is a prime candidate for the Nobel Prize in
medicine for his work on DNA. If you have already seen, disregard. If
not you might wish to circulate it. Best, Bill

William R. Polk

669 Chemin de la Sine
F-06140 Vence France
fax: +33-493 24 08 77

Begin forwarded message:

  *From: *"Hans Noll"
  *Date: *October 30, 2006 11:45:30 AM CET
  *Subject: depleted uranium
  Seattle, Oct. 30, 2006

  Dear Professor Polk,

  It appears that you became a professor at the University of Chicago
  at the same time (1965) that I became a professor at Northwestern
  University, where George McGovern was a professor as well.  You seem
  to have the same views on Guerilla warfare that I had already at
  that time.  I listened to your excellent talk on your plan to get
  out of Iraq on C-Span's book review.  I would like to make some
  professional comments on the health care section of your talk.  I
  believe the costs of the damages caused by depleted uranium are
  greatly underestimated.
        Let me shortly summarize my qualifications.  Born in
  Switzerland, I studied at the University of Basel and did my Ph.D.
  thesis in Copenhagen with Prof. George de Hevesy, who pioneered the
  use of radioisotopes in biology.  In 1951 I started my scientific
  career at the Public Health Research Institute of the City of New
  York.  From 1956-1964 I was a Research Professor at the University
  of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, where I discoverd the
  polyribosomes and the mechanism by which these cellular machines
  translate the information from DNA into protein.  From 1965-1989 I
  was Professor of Molecular Biology at Northwestern University.
        Contrary to general opinion, the radioactivity of the depleted
  uranium is not the cause of its devastating health effects.
  Although its ionizing radiation over the longterm might be of some
  concern, its major effects are due to the extremely high toxicity of
  uranium oxide in the form of  U3O8, generated as an aerosol at the
  very high temperatures created on impact.  It settles as a fine
  dust, which enters the body in a variety of ways.  Uranium oxide is
  an extremely potent neurotoxin with a high affinity for DNA.  This
  causes DNA fragmentation, which results in genetic defects like
  cancer and malformation in developing fetuses. The dust particle,
  because of its high chemical toxicity, is much more harmful than the
  low radioactivity associated with it.  Inhaled as dust, uranium
  oxide is accumulating in the lungs, liver and kidneys and affects
  the nervous system within weeks.  There is persuasive evidence that
  most of the Gulf War Syndrome is caused by the neurotoxicity of
  U3O8  and not by post-traumatic stress disorder, as claimed by the
  Pentagon.  So far the US government has refused to finance the
  epidemiological studies to correlate incidents, symptoms and regions
  of impact and use of DU.  I would welcome it, if you would contact
  me for further information.

  Sincerely yours,

  Hans Noll, Ph.D.
  American Cancer Society Professor
  of Genetics and Molecular Biology

  6716 36th Ave NW
  Seattle, WA 98117

  Phone (from France) 001 206 781 8495


Robert V. Keeley
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