Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Decider meet Thumper

Subject:        Decider meet Thumper
Date:   Wed, 8 Nov 2006 12:00:35 -0800
From:   Charles Sullivan
CC:     Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi:;,,, Senator Diane Feinstein

You said today in your press conference that it was a close election,
but that many close races added up to a thumping.  For once I agree with
you.  In fact I propose that* "Thumper"* should be made an honorable
title in our national politics--and as the first person have this honor
I propose* Howard Dean,* whose "50 state plan" led to many more close
races (and victories) than some other Democrats could have envisioned.
Not to mention any names at this point.

I also noted your call for bipartisanship during the next 2 years.  A
new and good idea!  If you glance back over the records of the House and
Senate for the past 6 years, you'll see precious little bipartisanship
on the part of the Republicans.  But who knows, with you to explain it,
maybe they'll get the idea now.

Charles Sullivan
San Francisco
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