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Borat” this weekend, Hollywood is head over heels over its latest foreign celebrity

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Borat says he dropped in on a few studios a few weeks back to take part in a noble Hollywood tradition: the pitch meeting. “I had a very good meetings with a moviefilm executive,” Borat recounts. “I have made a pitchings for U.S. and A. remakes of popular Kazakh movies ‘Dirty Jew,’ ‘Dirty Jew 2,’ ‘Attack of the Jew Claw,’ ‘Help There Is a Jew in My Kitchen’ and ‘Where Is My Money, I Think It Was the Jews That Take It.”’ His projects remain in limbo, Borat explains: “The man have said my pitchings were interesting, but they weren’t necessarily what Disney were in the markets for at the moment.”

Photo Opportunity
Here, Borat enjoys the sights in front of Mann’s Chinese Theater. "I very much like Hollywood womens," he says. "They very different to Kazakh ladies. They has more hair on head than chest, and they do not look strong enough to pull plows." (Versace floral print dress; Gucci sandals)

Rodeo Drive
Cruising down the boulevard with an old friend, Borat enjoys a refreshing beverage. ‘‘Reason why I take goat is so he can pull car when it run out of gasolines,’’ he says. ‘‘In Kazakhstan, when engine get old, you can shoot it, eat it and use hooves to make glue.’’

But, he says, problems arose: "My waterpanties accidentally came loose on one side. Again, many, many apologies to Ashton Kuchers and his mother, Demi, who experiences a faces full of my" — and here Borat’s comments became untranslatable. (From left: Oliver Peoples sunglasses. Milly bikini. Bottega Veneta sunglasses. Speedo swim trunks. Oliver Peoples sunglasses. Milly one-piece bathing suit. Christian Dior sunglasses. Gucci patent wedge shoes.)