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Your mailings to me have opened up huge vistas! Hope this manifesto can get out to some part of your

Your mailings to me have opened up huge vistas! Hope this manifesto can get out to some part of your great list!

Subject:        Your mailings to me have opened up huge vistas! Hope this
manifesto can get out to some part of your great list!
Date:   Tue, 31 Oct 2006 17:05:45 EST
To:   R V Keeley

*//Dear All - I wish I could address this more personally to each of you
but hope you'll agree that reaching as many as possible with this
message could make a _real_ difference. Thanks so much for your support!

*                                   Citizens for a Secure America
**                                             (see names below)

                                       A CALL-TO-ACTION!

*/*                         TO WOMEN VOTERS ACROSS AMERICA
/                                   REGARDLESS OF PARTY/:

/Citizens for a Secure America/* is a group of women and men who are
especially concerned about this election. *_Women can take back the
direction and stiffen the spine of America's anti-terrorism policy_*,
and we want to help them do that.

Women make up the majority of voters. As mothers, daughters, sisters,
wives -- women /particularly/ want to protect their families from
terrorism. 2004 election results showed that women -- far more than men
-- worried about homeland security, and that security was the key issue
for swing women voters who voted Republican. _And yet America is neither
as safe as it should -- or __/could/ -- be._ The 9/11 Commission has
given failing grades to the Administration, and in a recent poll of
bipartisan terrorism experts, 83% conclude that America is less safe
than it was before 9/11.

If women vote /together/ for a Democratic Congress on November 7th we
/can/ make America safer. *Please send this message right away to 50
women you know*.

For five years, the Republicans, controlling every branch of federal
government, have failed to take any of the following steps essential to
protecting Americans:

1.     Set effective standards for aviation security, port security,
transportation security, cyber-security, infrastructure security, border
security and communications security

2.     Mandate enforceable security standards for chemical, nuclear, oil
and liquefied natural gas plants around the country, resisting industry
opposition to such standards

3.     Work with other countries to establish effective inspection of
all cargo containers entering our country and moving from ports to
populous areas

4.     Establish security systems for mass transit

5.     Supply health facilities in the 150 largest metropolitan areas
with adequate vaccines, medications and trained personnel to meet a
bio-terror attack

6.     Map out, for major metropolitan areas, evacuation routes to avoid
a repeat of the disastrous incompetence that destroyed New Orleans

7.     Stockpile treatment for radiation sickness, anthrax and other
likely forms of biological or chemical attack

8.     Fund specialized intelligence units (like New York City's) in all
150 major metropolitan areas

9.     Reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil

10.     Build contacts with moderate Muslims

11.     Move our national focus back to combating al Qaeda instead of
the civil war in Iraq

12.     Encourage alternative and forward-looking ideas on combating

*                    America is not as safe as it should -- and could -- be.
                        Republican leadership has let us down.
                             It is time to turn them out!


/*Kenneth Bacon
         President, Refugees International; former Assistant Secretary
of Defense for Public Affairs
Rand Beers
         President, National Security Network
Wendy Benchley
         Councilwoman, Princeton Borough, NJ
Eileen Moran Brown
         Chancellor/Founder, Cambridge College
Robert Del Tufo
         US Attorney, Carter administration; former NJ Attorney General
Robin Duke
         Ambassador to Norway, Clinton administration
Pamela Eakes
         Founder, Mothers Against Violence in America
Kristina Ford
         Former Executive Director, New Orleans City Planning Commission
Cynthia Friedman
         Co-chairman, Women's Leadership Forum
Peter Georgescu
         CEO Emeritus, Young & Rubicam
Barbara Gimbel
         Political activist
Kate Hughes
         Co-ordinator, Citizens for a Secure America
Nicholas Katzenbach
         Attorney General, Johnson administration
Stephanie Kugelman
         Vice chairman and Chief Strategic Officer, Young & Rubicam
Richard Leone
         Former Chairman, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Anne Martindell
         Ambassador to New Zealand and Western Samoa, Carter administration
Sally Minard
         Chair, New York State Women's Leadership Forum
Neil L. Rudenstine
         President Emeritus, Harvard University
William Rugh
         Former ambassador to the U.A.E. and Yemen
Betty Warner Sheinbaum
Stanley Sheinbaum
         Economist, political activist
Elisabeth Sifton
         Senior Vice President, Farrar, Straus & Giroux
Jean Kennedy Smith
         Ambassador to Ireland, Clinton administration
Fritz Stern
         University Professor Emeritus, Columbia University
Theodore Sorensen
         Policy Advisor to President John F. Kennedy
William vanden Heuvel
         Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Carter administration

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