Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

"Out of Iraq" by George McGovern and William Polk

 Yesterday C-SPAN 2 broadcast on its "Book TV" program the launching
of this book on 10/02/06 (the day before its publication) at the
National Arts Club in New York City. John Brademas, president emeritus
of New York University, moderated and introduced. The broadcast session
lasted 1.45 hours. The authors thoroughly explained the contents of the
book, whose sub-title is: "A Practical Plan for Withdrawal Now."
   For anyone who wishes to view this program, I believe it will be
available on the C-SPAN Internet website, in  the archives, as they
frequently rebroadcast these Book TV sessions, which are very popular
programs every weekend. I regret to say that Bill Polk informed me
earlier that no book tour was planned by the publisher, Simon and
Schuster. The broadcast is no substitute for the book itself, which
retails at for $9.90 plus shipping.
   I have been asked to do a review for the Foreign Service Journal,
but it won't be published until the January issue. By that time Iraq
will be even deeper in the quagmire most probably. But keep your eyes
out for the report of the Baker-Hamilton study group on Iraq policy, due
out sometime after our November 7 elections. That might--and I hope it
does--stir up the administration into changing the course instead of
staying the course. That is, if it is not already too late.
   Bob Keeley
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