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Hello. Christopher.  I’ve spent the day browsing your extensive site, expecting always to be done only to find ever-more pathways, loving the portraits, the architecturals, the pictures of Greece, the Catskills, esp. the Moon Teahouse in the fog, Arizona; being captivated by the social and political derivatives, the addiction, the demonstrations, the TRAITOR and the mannequin.  Please don’t tell me the suicide girls all committed suicide?  And, of course, running through it all, the variegated collection of women, all with a beauty of their own, esp. Suzanne, since she reminds me so much of an ex-girlfriend I most regret to call “ex.”

I have a site that started out years ago on the U.S. government, the democratic mechanism of it, and I guess events have sort of turned it into a Bush-Iraq site, , where I do all the writing and the graphics, and the design coding, and I also use images from the Web, getting permission where the source is identified, and I think I would like to use some of your anti-Bush demonstration pictures if I can get your reply with permission to post one or a few of them, with © Keely adjacent?  Right now, I only have one demonstration shot up, one that I took of a group of teens protesting against Bush in Fairfield, OH, a few weeks ago.

Though I’ve spent the day, I still have not hit all your links, and I expect I’ll be progressing through them throughout the evening.  It’s quite a trip.

Best to you.

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