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President Bush’s former head of the food and Drug Administration – Lester Crawford -- has been charg

My Name Is Rachel Corrie Opens in NYC
The play My Name is Rachel Corrie has finally opened up in New York at the Minetta Lane Theater. In February, the New York Theater Workshop canceled the play in a move that was widely criticized. Corrie was killed in Gaza nearly three years ago when she stood in front of an Israeli bulldozer set to demolish a Palestinian home. The play is based on Corrie’s writings before her death. Last night her father Craig Corrie spoke in New York.

  • Craig Corrie: “I just felt it is going to get here and the people that were taking care of us through the Royal Court Theater I just knew they would find some way to make this happen and it will come here and from what we were hearing about what was intended before I am certainly glad that it came with the care that it has.”

Prosecutor Prepares to Charge Israeli President With Rape
The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports the Jerusalem District Prosecutor's Office has begun formulating an indictment against Israeli President Moshe Katsav. Israeli police said they have uncovered enough evidence to charge the president with rape, sexual harassment, fraud and wiretapping. Katsav's attorney said today that the president would resign when and if he were charged with a crime. Knesset member Limor Livnat criticized Katsav for staying in power this long.

  • Limor Livnat: "President Katsav should have suspended himself right at the beginning when the police had started to investigate him; unfortunately, he did not suspend himself, today he took the right decision but president Katsav should suspend himself now and I have to say the whole thing is very sad both to president Katsav but also for all of us.”

Israeli News analyst Zeev Segal said the country has never faced such a situation.

  • Zeev Segal: "This is unprecedented, not indictment, but unprecedented allegations against a senior public officer, we do not remember anything like it especially to sexual offenses so tough as rape, it was never known to the Israeli public, or society".

Ex-FDA Head Lester Crawford Charged With Lying
In other news from Washington, President Bush’s former head of the food and Drug Administration – Lester Crawford -- has been charged with lying about his ownership of stock in several companies regulated by the agency.

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