Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Lions and Tigers and Internets, Oh My!

Lions and Tigers and Internets, Oh My! Screenshot broadcasts a live web cam from the Nkorho Pan, Africa, straight to your information station. For most people, the experience can be joyously observed from the their website, however Apple users have been thrown to the lions (slight pun intended), as the embedded Windows Media Player stream does not work on a Mac. That is, until now….

Click here to view a cross-platform compatible broadcast of African wildlife

Non-Mac users can also view the Africam feed on here

Note: Please be patient. It takes a while for the stream to buffer.

Double Note: During the wee hours of the morning (consider the time zone differences), they’ve got night vision running, so prepare yourself to be somewhat underwhelmed by black and white images. Though, if you come back during the day, you’ll be awash in the colory goodness of the African sun.

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