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From personal experience

From personal experience

Subject:        From personal experience
Date:   Fri, 15 Sep 2006 09:58:03 EDT
From:  Ray Close
To:     undisclosed-recipients:;

Dear Friends:

A few years ago many of us watched with acute anxiety the phony build-up
to war with Iraq.  I, as one among many, gave numerous speeches and
wrote many op-ed protests, most of which ended up in some editor's trash
basket.  The alarmist tone of my speeches at university forums, churches
and foreign policy study groups created quite a stir, but prompted as
much protest as praise. I was often told by well-meaning friends that I
was being silly to worry so much. Some of those who shared my conviction
that war in Iraq would turn into a military quagmire and a political
disaster assured me that Bush's saber-rattling was all bluff, and that
he would never be stupid enough to disregard the wise counsel of Bush 41
veterans.  Many of those who were certain that war was indeed coming, on
the other hand, relied on neocon boasts to assure me that the results of
an invasion would be the cake-walk that those vainglorious blowhards
predicted it would be.  So the protests of the large fraternity of
veteran Middle East experts proved, in the end, to be pathetically
impotent  --- much too little and much too late to avert calamity.  A
great many innocent people are dead as a result.

 _ Let's not let that happen again_.

We cannot be sure that Bush will blunder into another major Middle East
war, but we cannot safely assume that he has learned any lessons from
recent experience.  The disaster this time would make the Iraq fiasco
look like a Sunday School picnic!

Ray Close
15 September 2006
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