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Armitage and the Plame Case

Sorry to prolong this, but a correspondent has corrected me that what
Armitage read was a State INR memo, not a memo from Scooter Libby. Here
is my answer. According to this NYTimes article, Libby "commissioned"
the memo that Armitage read, but did not author it. It was prepared by
INR (the Intelligence and Research Bureau that carries out liaison with
the CIA) in the State Department apparently.

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Subject:        Re: fact check.. reports I have seen is that D learned about
it from INR memo...
Date:   Tue, 05 Sep 2006 23:15:36 -0400
From:   Robert Keeley

Sorry. My memory failed me. The story that I read was in the Times. It
follows here. I misread it. The reporter said Libby had "commissioned"
the memorandum. That sounds like Libby asked State to do the memo and
INR did it, signed off by Grossman or whatever. But check this text and
I don't think I was that far off. So what Armitage read was a State INR
memo. But the reporter says it was asked for by Libby in order to rebut
Wilson (rebut by discrediting, I would say). If the memo was just an
answer to Wilson's critique, why mention his wife? That is what stuck in
my mind. The reporter says:
"Mr. Fitzgerald may also point out that Mr. Armitage knew about Ms.
Wilson’s C.I.A. role only because of a memorandum that Mr. Libby had
commissioned as part of an effort to rebut criticism of the White House
by her husband, Joseph C. Wilson."
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