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Lebanon: A Father's and A Daughter's Perspectives

Subject:        forwarded article on Lebanon
Date:   Fri, 25 Aug 2006 09:12:26 -0400
From:   Stephen Buck
Dear Bob -

       Our fellow friend and FS colleague Addison Richmond forwarded to me
your email with the Arab League Ambassador's piece on Lebanon.

       Thought you might be interested in two articles on the subject my
daughter and I did that my college class has on its website.

       Go to


Steve Buck
MEI Life Member

"Lebanon: A Father's and A Daughter's Perspectives"
By Steve Buck and Leila Buck
August 16, 2006

Steve Buck   Leila Buck

Last month, we reported that Steve Buck's daughter, Leila and her husband were caught in Lebanon when the hostilities started. They are safe and just now returning from the Middle East. Here is a strong opinion from a worried father, who also is a Middle East expert, and also his daughter's equally vociferous view, written while still in the region. Opposite opinions on this subject are of course welcome.
Steve Buck's view   ·   Leila Buck's view
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