May 25th, 2009

Chris Keeley

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From: "Embassy of the state of Palestine to Russian Federation"
To: "Embassy of the state of Palestine to Russian Federation"
Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 11:44:50 +0400
Subject: Farewell + Article by Avnery on Obama and Netanyahu



This is the last article I will circulate from Moscow. I am leaving, as planned, on May 31 and can be reached by E-mail at: 


It so happens that the last article to be “irrigated” is again by Avnery.

Avnery, an extremely ethical person and a very gifted writer, has,  

throughout the years, helped extend “permissible discourse” on   

Israel/Palestine, specially in circles subjected to the pro-Israeli inquisition 

that allowed only for total, unconditional and unquestioning support to  

Israeli preferences, policies and practices. Whatever they might be. For

that, the Palestinian National Movement is greatly indebted to him.


Afif Safieh


Uri Avnery

                 Calm Voice, Big Stick

BARACK OBAMA is often compared to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, but it is from the book of another Roosevelt that he has taken a leaf: President Theodore Roosevelt, who, 108 years ago, advised his successors: "Speak softly and carry a big stick!"

This week, the whole world saw how this is done. Obama sat in the Oval Office side by side with Binyamin Netanyahu and spoke to the journalists. He was earnest, but relaxed. The body language spoke clearly: while Netanyahu leaned forward assiduously, like a traveling salesman peddling his merchandise, Obama leaned back, tranquil and self-assured.

He spoke softly, very softly. But leaning against the wall behind him, hidden by the flag, was a very big stick indeed.


THE WORLD wanted, of course, to know what went on between the two when they met alone.

Coming home, Netanyahu strenuously tried to present the meeting as a great success. But after the spotlights turned off and the red carpet rolled up, we can examine what we have really seen and heard.

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