May 20th, 2009

Chris Keeley

Obama Envoys Disclose Speaking, Consulting Fees

Obama Envoys Disclose Speaking, Consulting Fees

Newly-disclosed financial statements show two top Obama administration envoys received hundreds of thousands of in consulting and speaking fees last year. Dennis Ross, who serves as special advisor for Iran, received more than $200,000 in speaking fees from pro-Israeli government groups. Ross refused to disclose how much he earned for appearances on the cable news network Fox News. Meanwhile, Obama’s envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke, reported $1.7 million in income last year. Holbrooke’s earnings included more than $300,000 as a consultant for Coca-Cola and $10,000 for serving as a director on the board of the bailed-out insurance giant AIG.

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Fake DHS "photography license" for fake no-photos laws

All around the world, cops and rent-a-cops are vigorously enforcing nonexistent anti-terrorist bans on photography in public places. If you're worried about being busted under an imaginary law, why not download these templates and print yourself an imaginary "Photography license" from the DHS? Who knows if it's legal to carry one of these -- probably about as legal as taking away your camera and erasing your memory card for snapping a pic on the subway.
In the event you're stopped by overzealous law enforcement or security officials attempting to enforce fictitious laws, I've designed these fictitious and official-looking Photographer's Licenses. If you have Adobe Illustrator, you can download the EPS vector art file and print your own. You'll need a photo of yourself, and OCR (or a similar font) to fill in your personal information.
Muni Don't Take My Kodachrome (via JWZ)

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After this group of men robbed the Universal Gear store he owns on 14th St. NW recently, David Franco posted the surveillance video on YouTube and shared it with The Post. "We decided we have got to get out there and promote what is happening in our neighborhood," he said.
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When I first read the New York Times's account of the Bibi-Barack meeting, I was very dismayed.  From the way the NYT covered the story, it sounded as though I had been dead wrong in my prediction of how President Obama was likely to respond to Bibi's determined efforts to put primary emphasis on the danger from Iran and to downgrade the importance of progress on the Palestine front.  After reading the following analysis, by Professor David bromwich, however, I feel vindicated. 

It is certainly noteworthy how the NYT disgraced itself. The egregious violations of normal standards of objective journalism exhibited by the reporter, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, make one suspect that she was accepting explicit guidance directly from an Israeli government agent.  I have never seen a more obvious example of how they can manipulate news coverage of an issue that they regard as critical to Israeli strategic interests.  Am I surprised?  Of course not ---  not after sixty years of similar experiences.  But I have seldom seen that reality demonstrated so clearly.  It's gratifying, I must say, to see the truth pointed out with such clarity by a respected American academic. 
That is not typical, in my experience.


New York Times Falsifies Obama-Netanyahu Meeting

by David Bromwich, Professor of Literature at Yale
May 19, 2009 11:43 AM 201.html

The New York Times assigned to the story a campaign-trail reporter, Sheryl
Gay Stolberg, whose political perceptions are bland and whose knowledge of
Israeli-American relations is an antiseptic zero. At the newspaper of
record, a thing like that does not happen by accident. They took the most
anxiously awaited meeting with a foreign leader of President Obama's term
thus far, and buried it on page 12. The news coverage of a major event, which
the same newspaper had greeted only the day before by running an oversize
attack-Iran op-ed by Jeffrey Goldberg, has officially now shrunk to the
scale of a smaller op-ed.

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