February 26th, 2009

Chris Keeley

Scurrilous Attack on Chas Freeman in The Wall Street Journal

1. Chas Freeman is without any doubt one of the very best American diplomats, thinkers, and writers about foreign affairs of the post WWII period.

2. The author of this piece is a resident scholar at the Witherspoon Institute (check it out) in Princeton, NJ. I am ashamed to say that though it is independent it uses the facilities of Princeton University and the Princeton Theological Seminary for its programs. You won't be surprised to learn that the author of this attack was a senior editor at Commentary magazine and published a book entitled The Return of Anti-Semitism. The WSJ should be ashamed of itself for providing space for this attack. Neocons
Chris Keeley

Chas Freeman Needs More Defenders--Dreyfuss Report in The Nation

Chas Freeman Needs More Defenders--Dreyfuss Report in The Nation

Chas Freeman for NIC: Lots at Stake

posted by Robert Dreyfuss on 02/25/2009 @ 08:29a.m. 

A thunderous, coordinated assault against one of President Obama's intelligence picks is now underway. It started in a few right-wing blogs, migrated to semi-official mouthpieces like the Jewish Telegraph Agency, and today it reached the op-ed pages of the Wall Street Journal, in the form of the scurrilous piece by Gabriel Schoenfeld, a resident scholar at some outfit called "the Witherspoon Institute."

The target is Charles ("Chas") Freeman, the former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia, former top Defense Department official during the Reagan administration, and president of the Middle East Policy Council, whose wide-ranging experience stretches from the Middle East to China. Freeman is slated to become chairman of the National Intelligence Council (NIC), the arm of Admiral Dennis Blair's Office of the Director of National Intelligence. The NIC is the body that includes a host of analysts called national intelligence officers who are responsible for culling intel from sixteen US agencies and compiling them into so-called National Intelligence Estimates. It's a critical job, since NIE's -- often released in public versions -- can have enormous political and policy impact. Cases in point: the infamous 2002 Iraq NIE on weapons of mass destruction and the 2007 NIE on Iran that revealed that Tehran had halted its work on nuclear weapons.

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Chris Keeley

gerard lange


Bail Bonding Gérard Lange... Bail Bonding (2007, Chromogenic print, Edition: 10). From Gérard Lange: Wilson, NC at Meter Gallery. "...Wilson has suffered the worst of the industry's downsizing, exacerbating already tense race relations in the town as development is pushed to the outskirts, long-standing Wilson families are forced to close their shops, and new, ad hoc businesses are set up in the abandoned buildings. Lange's crumbling storefronts say much about the town's people, though no Wilsoners appear in any of the shots." More Works by Gérard Lange at his personal site.

Chris Keeley

Chas Freeman

Date: Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 7:18 PM
Subject: DNI Names New Chairman of the National Intelligence Council

Office of the Director of National Intelligence - www.dni.gov


Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair has selected Charles W. Freeman, Jr. to be Chairman of the National Intelligence Council (NIC).  As Chairman, Ambassador Freeman will be responsible for overseeing the production of National Intelligence Estimates (NIEs) and other Intelligence Community (IC) analytic products.

“Ambassador Freeman is a distinguished public servant who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in defense, diplomacy and intelligence that are absolutely critical to understanding today’s threats and how to address them,” Director Blair said.  “The country is fortunate that Ambassador Freeman has agreed to return to public service and contribute his remarkable skills toward further strengthening the Intelligence Community’s analytical process.” 

As a former United States negotiator, Freeman has worked with more than 100 foreign governments in East and South Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and both Western and Eastern Europe.  He has served as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Deputy Chief of Mission and Chargé d’Affaires in Bangkok and Beijing, Director of Chinese Affairs at U.S. State Department, and Distinguished Fellow at the United States Institute of Peace and the Institute of National Security Studies.  Freeman received his J.D. from the Harvard School of Law.

Ambassador Freeman will report to DNI Blair and the Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Analysis, Dr. Peter Lavoy. 


Chris Keeley

ray close

RVK comment: This is a classic (if funny) example of ineptitude at the State Department, where I spent my 34-year career. I am truly sorry the place has so degenerated. Bob Keeley

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From: Ray Close
Date: Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 6:14 PM
Subject: Washington wonderland
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Daily Press Briefing
Robert Wood
Acting Department Spokesman
State Department
11:37 a.m. EST
February 24, 2009

Subjects:  Aid for Gaza,  and the Dennis Ross appointment.  (Read this and then cry or laugh, depending on what you've been smoking so far this evening):
QUESTION: I don’t have anything – well, except for the Secretary talked a little bit this morning about your plans, or planning for the Gaza conference. She didn’t have any details, but I’m wondering are you in a position to provide any more?
MR. WOOD: No, not at this point. No – I don’t have anything more than what she said. We’re still working on the package. And once it’s done, then we’ll have something to say, but it’s still being put together. It’ll be, you know, several hundred million. But I don’t have much more than that at this point.
QUESTION: And do you know if this is going to be old money, new money? And if it’s new money, where exactly is it coming from?
MR. WOOD: Those details are still being worked out, Matt. And we’ll try to get information to you guys as soon as we can, once that package is complete. I don’t want to speculate as to what’s old, what’s new. I just don’t know at this point.
QUESTION: It will be a mix then, correct?
MR. WOOD: It’s likely to be a mix, yes.
QUESTION: Dennis Ross?
MR. WOOD: Yeah.
QUESTION: What is he in charge of exactly?
MR. WOOD: Well, Dennis is –
QUESTION: Is it Iran? And if it’s Iran, why is it not written in the statement?
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