November 19th, 2008

Chris Keeley

Jeff Halper on the Obama Administration and the Occupation

From: "Jewish Peace News

Subject: Jeff Halper on the Obama Administration and the Occupation
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 21:05:44 +0000

This article by Jeff Halper, the American- born Director of the Israeli
Committee Against Home Demolitions, clearly lays out the consequences to the
United States of its support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and makes
a clear and compelling case that the new Obama administration must make ending
the occupation a priority.

--Rebecca Vilkomerson

Jeff Halper

Even before the voting began, Israeli politicians and pundits were asking: Will
an Obama Administration be good for Israel? "Be good for Israel" is our code for
"Will the US allow us to kee p our settlements and continue to support our
efforts to prevent negotiations with the Palestinians from ever bearing fruit?"
For Americans the question should be: Will the Obama Administration understand
that without addressing Palestinian needs it will not be able to disentangle
itself from its broader Middle Eastern imbroglios, rejoin the community of
nations and rescue its economy?

The Israel-Palestine conflict should be of central concern to Americans, near
the top of the new Administration's agenda. It may not be the bloodiest conflict
in the world – its minor when compared to Iraq – but it is emblematic to Muslims
and to peoples the world over of American hostility and belligerence. The
Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not merely a localized one between two
squabbling tribes. It lies at the epicenter of global instability. Go where you
may in the world and you will encounter the same phenomenon: a sense that the
sufferin g of the Palestinians represents all that is wrong in an
American-dominated world.

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