August 12th, 2008

Chris Keeley

August 11, 2008 Op-Ed Contributor Broken Justice in Indian Country By N. BRUCE DUTHU White River Ju

August 11, 2008
Op-Ed Contributor
Broken Justice in Indian Country

White River Junction, Vt.

ONE in three American Indian women will be raped in their lifetimes, statistics gathered by the United States Department of Justice show. But the odds of the crimes against them ever being prosecuted are low, largely because of the complex jurisdictional rules that operate on Indian lands. Approximately 275 Indian tribes have their own court systems, but federal law forbids them to prosecute non-Indians. Cases involving non-Indian offenders must be referred to federal or state prosecutors, who often lack the time and resources to pursue them.


The situation is unfair to Indian victims of all crimes — burglary, arson, assault, etc. But the problem is greatest in the realm of sexual violence because rapes and other sexual assaults on American Indian women are overwhelmingly interracial. More than 80 percent of Indian victims identify their attacker as non-Indian. (Sexual violence against white and African-American women, in contrast, is primarily intraracial.) And American Indian women who live on tribal lands are more than twice as likely to be raped or sexually assaulted as other women in the United States, Justice Department statistics show.

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Chris Keeley


I am Now sending stuart's (amazing) photographs  -
OUR Vacation is wonderful -
I broke my camera yesterday ... Only Leica can help at this point, the lens broke off ...
(OK I dropped it standing on a windmill)

(another tragedy and life could be alot worse)
only a few more sifnos photographs to send
no worries I will now focus on my tan and
devoting lots of attention to Tarah

love Chris

From: livetaper
Date: Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 6:22 AM
Subject: 1 DAY OLD

This is our 1 day old Leopard Gecko who hatched yesterday. He is about the size of my little finger and is doing very well so far, I suspect that he will start to eat in the next day or so and I am hoping that more will hatch soon.


Chris Keeley

Patrick Seale - Collapse of the Middle East Peace Process

Date: Sat, Aug 9, 2008 at 12:30 PM
Subject: Patrick Seale - Collapse of the Middle East Peace Process

As usual, the very experienced Patrick Seale offers his wisdom on the very dim prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace.
His final 3 paragraphs [see the url below] read:   QUOTE   Poor Condi Rice! She has not been given the authority to be firm with Olmert, and he, in turn, has not dared confront Israel's powerful settler lobby, even if he were so inclined.  Would a Barack Obama or a John McCain presidency do any better? Both presidential contenders are certainly cleverer and better informed than George W Bush. Both probably recognize that a peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians – and indeed between Israel and Syria – is a vital U.S. security interest.  But American policy in the Middle East has, for a generation and more, been so profoundly distorted by the Israeli alliance, and by the influence of Israel's friends in Washington, that it is hard to entertain even a hint of optimism for the future.   END QUOTE
Regards,  John
Chris Keeley

artandphotographs gallery, London Testimony : Joakim Eneroth An exhibition of Photographs of instr

artandphotographs gallery, London
Testimony : Joakim Eneroth
An exhibition of
Photographs of instruments of torture

Until 29th August 2008

Knifegun Eneroth
When released from a Chinese prison in 1992 after 33 years of captivity, Palden Gyatso, a Tibetan Buddhist monk, decided to flee to India. After his release, the Chinese authorities monitored his every step, and he feared a new arrest. With the help of others, he was able to escape over the Himalayas. With him he smuggled a bag of instruments that were used to torture prisoners in order to show the world what was going on behind the Chinese prison walls.

In 2005, Swedish photographer Joakim Eneroth traveled to Dharamsala, India, to meet with Palden Gyatso. The resulting images bear cold testimony to the continuing practice of torture not only in China, but throughout the world.  

These photographs will be exhibited at artandphotographs, London, and published as a book by Culture Art Technology, with an introduction by Amnesty International's Deborah Long and an essay by writer Malin Rosen, who accompanied Eneroth on this trip.

Joakim Eneroth was born 1969 in Sweden. He graduated from Nordens Fotoskola in Biskops-Arnö in 1999. He has since been honoured in the Swedish Picture Of The Year (portrait) and won first prize in Prix Voies Off 2005 in Arles, France. In May 2007 his project Seeing Reality Behind My Projections was selected by Alain Sayag for an exhibition at the Guandong Museum of Modern Art in China. A book by Eneroth, Swedish Red, published by Steidl, will be released in August 2008.

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Chris Keeley

Rushing Toward War" by William R. Polk - 8/12/08

Rushing toward War

By William R. Polk

As the Bush Administration begins its final months in office, it has embarked upon two courses of action that will pre-empt the scope of the incoming Obama or McCain administration and will plague America for years to come.

The first of these is to solidify, literally in concrete, our occupation of Iraq.  Despite frequent denials by senior officials and multiple prohibitions exacted by the Congress, we have constructed a string of permanent bases to house our military forces and apparently intend to keep them there.

That is wrong and against our national interests.

We were told some seven years ago that attacking Iraq was justified because Iraq had nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and was about to attack America.  Iraq had none of these weapons and could not have attacked America. But our occupation of that little country has done us almost as much damage as though it actually had attacked us:

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