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May 22nd, 2008

Chris Keeley

The Most Right-Wing Postwar Govenment in the UK

Subject: George Monbiot: "The Most Right-Wing Postwar Govenment in the UK" (GUARDIAN)
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TO: Distinguished Recipients
FM: John Whitbeck
Transmitted below is a forthright critique of the Americanization of the United Kingdom, by George Monbiot in the GUARDIAN.
Among other subjects, Monbiot addresses the desirability of applying the Nuremberg Principles to Tony Blair -- and, at least by implication, to other notorious war criminals still on the loose on the other side of the Atlantic -- a cause dear to the hearts of everyone who genuinely respects the concept of the rule of law.

The Most Right-Wing Postwar Government in the UK

George Monbiot

The Guardian

May 20, 2008


You can hear the wringing of hands and tearing of cloth all the way down Farringdon Road. Dismayed by the local election results, convinced that Labour will be crushed in Thursday's by-election, afraid that this will presage disaster in the next general election, my fellow columnists are predicting the end of the civilized world. But I can't understand why we should care.


Yes, I worry about what the Tories might do if they get in. I also worry about what Labour might do if it wins another term. Why should anyone on the left seek the re-election of the most right-wing government Britain has had since World War II?


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Chris Keeley

Ex-CIA Official Indicted Over Agency Job for Mistress

Ex-CIA Official Indicted Over Agency Job for Mistress

By Joby Warrick
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, May 22, 2008; A09


A federal grand jury has accused a former top CIA official of pulling strings to get a high-level CIA job for his mistress, as part of a new indictment against the official in an existing corruption case.

The new indictment against Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, a former No. 3 official at the spy agency and a onetime senior CIA ethics officer, alleges that he pressured CIA managers into hiring the woman after she was turned down for a position in the CIA's general counsel office. He also allegedly made false statements about her qualifications, the indictment states.

Foggo, the CIA's executive director from 2004 to 2006, specifically told agency officials he had a "special interest" in seeing the woman hired, and he later berated them when they initially rejected her application. "When the ExDir has a special interest, you had better take notice," Foggo told the general counsel's staff, according to an indictment filed late Tuesday by the U.S. attorney's office in Alexandria.

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Chris Keeley

Another person I ended up I.M.-ing daily was one of Gawker’s most frequent targets, a blogger named

Another person I ended up I.M.-ing daily was one of Gawker’s most frequent targets, a blogger named Julia Allison, who, within a year, parlayed a magazine dating column into a six-figure TV talking-head job and then into a reality show, all while updating her blog several times a day. Julia wore skimpy, Halloween-style costumes to parties and dated high-profile men in high-profile ways — her tech-millionaire boyfriend collaborated with her on a blog where they took turns chronicling their relationship’s ups and downs. I was initially put off by Julia’s naked attention-whoring — “Attention is my drug,” she often confessed. In thousands of photos on her Flickr feed she posed, caked in makeup, like a celebrity on the red carpet, always thrusting out her breasts and favoring her good side. But in the midst of this artifice she was disarmingly straightforward about how badly she craved the attention that Internet exposure gave her — even though it came at the expense of constant, intensely vitriolic mockery.

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Chris Keeley

Untitled/This is just to say, #32.” (Photo: Ethan Levitas, courtesy of the New York Public Library

Untitled/This is just to say, #32.” (Photo: Ethan Levitas, courtesy of the New York Public Library


Library Looks at Photography and the City

slide show “Untitled/This is just to say, #32.” (Photo: Ethan Levitas, courtesy of the New York Public Library)Photographs See the Slide Show

In 2005, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority considered, then backed away from, a proposal to ban photography on subways and buses (unless a permit was obtained). In 2007, the Bloomberg administration faced a firestorm from photographers and filmmakers over a proposal to restrict video recording on streets and in other public spaces.

Stephen C. Pinson, the curator of photography at the New York Public Library, sees the debates as examples of the fine line between public and private, a line that has always been an issue in photography. In a short book accompanying “Eminent Domain: Contemporary Photography and the City,” a new exhibition at the library, Mr. Pinson writes:

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Chris Keeley

Titi Freak

Titi Freak



Titi Freak: Vida Apaixonada at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. "...For Vida Apaixonada (which is Portuguese for: Passionate Life), Titi Freak has created a new collection of original mixed media paintings, drawings and collages on a variety of alternative surfaces and found objects. 

More Works by Titi Freak at his personal site.

Chris Keeley

Chris Hedges Talk in Princeton

Thanks to Ray Close for this item.

This is a talk given today at the Nassau Club here in Princeton by Chris Hedges, former New York Times ME bureau chief.  The speech was well received, even tho it was very outspokenly anti-Israel. The room was packed.  The advertised title was "A Declaration of U.S. Independence from Israel".  Not a single hostile question in 30 mins of Q&A.  (The club is no den of pro-Zionism, but most of its members are "Old Princeton society"  rock-ribbed Republicans.

Israel, without the United States, would probably not exist. The country came perilously close to extinction during the October 1973 war when Egypt, trained and backed by the Soviet Union, crossed the Suez and the Syrians poured in over the Golan Heights. Huge American military transport planes came to the rescue. They began landing every half-hour to refit the battered Israeli army, which had lost most of its heavy armor. By the time the war was over, the United States had given Israel $2.2 billion in emergency military aid.
The intervention, which enraged the Arab world, triggered the OPEC oil embargo that for a time wreaked havoc on Western economies. This was perhaps the most dramatic example of the sustained life-support system the United States has provided to the Jewish state.
Israel was born at midnight May 14, 1948. The U.S. recognized the new state 11 minutes later. The two countries have been locked in a deadly embrace ever since.
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