May 9th, 2008

Chris Keeley

J Street

 From: Ray Close
Date: Thu, May 8, 2008 at 6:12 PM
Subject: J Street arrives in Washington

J Street is the name of a brand new Jewish lobbying group in Washington that intend to give American Jews an alternative to AIPAC ---  a way to support Israel by supporting peace with the Palestinians.  Today my friend Ilene Cohen here in Princeton sent me an advance copy of an op-ed that will appear in this coming Sunday's issue of the Washington Post, written by J Street's executive director, Jeffrey Ben-Ami.   Here is what she sent me today:

May 8, 2008

This new lobby will actually
promote peace in the Middle East. Now that's a refreshing concept! Those of us in the peace camp, such as it is, need to take back the notion of "pro-Israel" from the "friends" of Israel who long ago mis-appropriated it in the service of Greater Israel, colonialism, and occupation. It's time to end AIPAC's monopoly as Israel's voice in America!

Washington Post op-ed

Five Myths About Being 'Pro-Israel'

By Jeremy Ben-Ami
Sunday, May 11, 2008; B03

Six decades ago, my father fought alongside Menachem Begin for Israel's independence. If you'd have told him back then that politicians in the world's last superpower would be jockeying today to see who can be more "pro-Israel," he would have laughed at you. Grateful as I am for decades of U.S. friendship to Israel, I have to wonder, as the state my father helped found turns 60, just who is defining what it means to be pro-Israel in the United States these days.

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Chris Keeley


From: John Vincent
Date: Wed, May 7, 2008 at 10:52 AM

{Personal aside: In the late 1970s my wife Delia (then a newly minted historian) and Aaron Miller (experienced historian soon to become INR's top Middle East analyst) were once colleagues in the Historians Office of the Bureau of Public Affairs at State before she departed to join the World Bank staff.}
Foreign Policy Research Institute
Over 50 Years of Ideas in Service to Our Nation

Distributed Exclusively via Fax & Email

by Aaron David Miller

May 6, 2008

Aaron David Miller is a Public Policy Scholar at the Woodrow
Wilson International  Center  for  Scholars  in  Washington,
D.C.; his  latest  book  is  The  Much  Too  Promised  Land:
America's Elusive  Search for Arab-Israeli Peace (Mar. 2008,
Bantam/Dell). Between  2003-06 Miller served as president of
Seeds of  Peace, a  nonprofit dedicated  to empowering young
leaders from  regions of conflict with the leadership skills
required to  advance coexistence and reconciliation. For the
previous two  decades, he  served at the Department of State
as an  adviser to  six Secretaries  of State.  This essay is
based on  the BookTalk he gave at FPRI on April 28, 2008, at
which copies  of his  book were sold by Joseph Fox Bookshop,
1724 Sansom  St., Philadelphia  (, where
the book is also available.

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Chris Keeley

dandy warhols

Beat The World Records and The Dandy Warhols present...

...Earth To The Dandy Warhols...

PHASE ONE - May 05, 2008

Beginning today, May 05, 2008, ...Earth To The Dandy Warhols... will be available for play in over 10,000 AMI Jukeboxes.  We're also relaunching (you're in it), where you will be treated to a download of the opening track of ETTDW, "The World The People Together (Come On)".
Chris Keeley

Blessings! Uqualla

Dear Tarah:

The progression of the ceremony is as follows:

Ceremonial Processional - drumming

Blanket Exchange - formal opening

Ring Blessings/vows - exchanges of rings

Cardinals - blessings facing the 4 directions

Feather Ties- symbolic union

Blessings - announcement of union

I utilize a ceremonial blanket for the union; 
 Blessings! Uqualla
Chris Keeley



The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has acquired a group of 40 dye-transfer prints by William Eggleston dating from 1969 to 1971. The photographs — portraits, landscapes, still lifes — are images of life in places like Tennessee, Louisiana and Mississippi, and were first shown in 1976 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

“Until Eggleston, color photography was not taken seriously,” said Neal Benezra, director of the San Francisco museum. “It was the stuff of fashion.” He added, “This group really strengthens our collection of contemporary photography, giving it a great context.”

Joshua Holdeman, an expert in 20th-century art at Christie’s, sold the prints. While neither Christie’s nor the museum would say what it paid, photography experts estimated that the group is worth about $4 million.  

Chris Keeley

Beirut update: Very ominous

From:  Ray Close
Date: Fri, May 9, 2008 at 1:20 PM
Subject: Beirut update: Very ominous
To: undisclosed-recipients

This just in from Joshua Landis, who is by far the best analyst on Syria-Lebanon.  I hope his pessimism proves to be exaggerated, but I cannot think of any reason to question his assessment based on the facts as he is presenting them.  Poor Lebanon!

The War is Over: What Were They Thinking?
Friday, May 9th, 2008

The war is over. Hizbullah has taken control of West Beirut in one day of fighting, during which Hariri's amateur and untested militia proved no match for the highly trained and war hardened Hizbullah fighters.
The outcome of this showdown was completely predictable. Anyone who expected the Lebanese Army to take on Hizbullah on behalf of the Sunni leaders of Beirut was dreaming.
It appears that the military, realizing the lopsided distribution of power, has sided with Hizbullah. Hizbullah has been turning over the strategic centers to Lebanese military elements as soon as it captures them. The military has assumed control of the al-Mustaqbal offices.
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