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01:08 am: nan sepulveda
08:24 am: Vik Muniz just wrote on your FunWall.
04:24 pm: New Amnesty International Ad Targets Legal Torture
10:59 pm: Catskill Mountains Photographs in May 1 - 1 Dreams
03:32 pm: Amy Winehouse has abandoned work on the theme song for the forthcoming James Bond film, “Quantum of
03:35 pm: Who says big ideas are rare? - by Malcolm Gladwell
03:37 pm: by Malcolm Gladwell - it to anyone until he had spent nearly a month in Washington making frequent
07:57 am: NIN
08:00 am: White Butterfly
03:52 pm: Forcing Sobriety, However Imperfectly
03:56 pm: chio-online
12:44 pm: Bright Shiny Morning (Hardcover)
03:50 pm: Richard Serra’s Paris Moment - 1 Dreams
03:53 pm: A little catharsis was finally reached in the half-hour of encores, with the three-guitar scrum of “
04:11 pm: Andrews and Ueda at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle
07:55 pm: or years collectors and the news media have been speculating about when prices would finally top out
09:59 am: Help me to help THE FREE TIBET CAMPAIGN continue their important work... The Beijing Olympic protest
01:05 pm: confidence magazine
02:16 pm: fertell
08:44 am: J Street
08:48 am: For some Palestinians, one state with Israel is better than none
09:22 am: dandy warhols
11:02 am: Blessings! Uqualla
11:09 am: blographic
02:49 pm: Fawn Fruits Art Farm
03:52 pm: jahsah
03:55 pm: Jahsah
07:00 pm: Beirut update: Very ominous
04:50 pm: Raids on Hizballah sites in Iran?
04:57 pm: Treacherous Alliance wins CFR's Arthur Ross Silver Award
09:10 pm: Catskill Mountains Photographs May 2
09:38 pm: sligo amps - 2 Dreams
08:51 am: Israel at 60
11:51 am: Clinton and Obama on Al-Jazeera - by Juan Cole
03:53 pm: Timbuktu. Digital cameras flashed. Cellphones sang. MP3 players whispered into western ears.
05:52 pm: MIA
02:11 pm: Pop artist Robert Rauschenberg dies in Fla. at 82
02:51 pm: Thanks to Chris Chapman for alerting me to this piece. If you are not already totally disillusioned
03:00 pm: Building on the legacies of Marcel Duchamp, Kurt Schwitters, Joseph Cornell and others, he thereby h
10:59 pm: Catskill Mountain Photographs May 3 - 2 Dreams
08:35 am: email is my art
02:11 pm: Almost Arrested for Taking Photos at Union Station
02:24 pm: Lucien Freud
02:32 pm: Investigators gingerly peeled back the brittle lining of the small caskets buried a century ago in a
02:54 pm: Daido Moriyama: The 80s, Vintage Prints at Steven Kasher Gallery in New York.
08:28 am: Don Mueck is a London-based photo-realist artist. Born in Melbourne,Australia, to parents who were t
09:20 am: US Air Force wants "full control" of "any and all" computers
09:24 am: fanny be temps
10:39 am: bragagedley
11:05 am: chris Bird
01:07 pm: downist
01:21 pm: Bill Moyers
01:30 pm: goi art
02:05 pm: Bacon Triptych Auctioned for Record $86 Million
02:11 pm: Heroin
02:14 pm: Joni Sternbach... 07.05.27 #4 Bettina & Toby (unique tintype. Ditch Plains). From Surfers by photogr
03:41 pm: Cenin Burcu Çorbacı
06:54 pm: Viva la Vida
09:18 pm: Catskill Mountain Photographs May 4
09:20 pm: Catskill Mountains Photographs May 5
09:30 pm: Don Drummond Requiem at Dance Crasher. A 1969 JBC Radio Broadcast by Dermot Hussey on the occasion o
08:27 am: As Palestinians Mark 60th Anniversary of Their Dispossession, a Conversation with Palestinian Writer
08:30 am: Vanunu - great political battle in Norway - a lawyers appeal
09:52 am: LUCIUS DURHAM BATTLE (1918-2008)
11:43 am: Norah Jones
01:33 pm: Anna U Davis
02:28 pm: Israeli Writer-Activist Tikva Honig-Parnass, Who Fought for Israel’s Founding in 1948, on 60 Years o
02:32 pm: HIV-Positive Man Sentenced to 35 Years for Spitting at Officers
03:19 pm: Since Polaroid announced in February that it would stop manufacturing instant film and that supplies
03:28 pm: Bacon’s ‘Dyer’ Expected - 2 Dreams
09:05 am: the Jewish billionaires from America (who also paid for the extravaganza).
09:36 am: Einstein consistently characterized the idea of a personal God who answers prayers as naive, and lif - 1 Dreams
09:40 am: Bush unloads his blunderbuss on the Arab World
10:07 am: new video from Patti D'Arbanville
11:12 am: Eddie Adams... Marine Crossfire, Vietnam, 1965 (Archival Epson Print). From the exhibition Eddie Ada
11:46 am: A Few Too Many - Is there any hope for the hung over? - 1 Dreams
12:01 pm: Achebe at home in Annandale-on-Hudson. Photograph by Steve Pyke.
12:22 pm: Fleming died in 1964, at 56, of complications from pleurisy after playing a round of golf in Oxfords
02:55 pm: RE/Search's V. Vale on maker culture and punk rock - 1 Dreams
10:07 pm: Los Angeles, CA—Aimee Mann has collaborated with critically acclaimed visual artist Gary Taxali on h
10:23 pm: Street: 101 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis City/Town: Paris, France
08:23 am: karen alston
08:26 am: It's possible to listen to all 40-plus minutes of actress-turned-singer Scarlett Johansson's debut d
08:29 am: 'Ordinary' Arabs to retake Internet -- Wikipedia founder on Yahoo! New
01:23 pm: marie meier
06:02 pm: Mark Todd
09:26 pm: dorian gray songs
11:43 am: daniel cooney fineart
07:42 pm: Transmitted below is an articulate appeal by CIA veteran Ray McGovern to Admiral William Fallon, the
07:46 pm: The President's Bizarre Trip William Pfaff Paris, May 20, 2008 – The principal result of George W.
08:11 am: united for peace
08:36 am: The Most Right-Wing Postwar Govenment in the UK
08:56 am: Ex-CIA Official Indicted Over Agency Job for Mistress
09:40 am: Another person I ended up I.M.-ing daily was one of Gawker’s most frequent targets, a blogger named
09:46 am: Eugenio Recuenco
10:52 am: g
01:28 pm: Untitled/This is just to say, #32.” (Photo: Ethan Levitas, courtesy of the New York Public Library
01:35 pm: Titi Freak
08:40 pm: Chris Hedges Talk in Princeton
08:42 pm: My name is CaroH, and I am a Photographer from Montreal.
09:16 am: War, Inc. -. is set in the future, when the fictional desert
09:22 am: 'War, Inc.'
09:36 am: A Pentagon audit of $8.2 billion in American taxpayer money spent by the United States Army on contr
10:10 am: Falsification of intelligence?
10:26 am: If we are stuck and cannot find it in our hearts to forgive, let us be willing to be willing to be w
10:47 am: Overcoming hidden discrimination in Japan, a surprising photo gallery
03:30 pm: “I am not an artist, and I never intended to be one,” he wrote in the 1992 book “Cornell Capa: Photo
10:49 pm: British Broadcasting Corporation Monday, 26 May 2008 21:26 UK Israel 'has 150 nuclear weapons' - 1 Dreams
08:19 am: Of possible interest...
08:56 am: A new Middle East, but not Condi's
09:25 am: article by Jonathan Power, published in today's ARAB NEWS (Jeddah). - 1 Dreams
09:37 am: Hovey Brock
11:10 pm: Our Backyard Claryville 5.26.2008
10:03 am: May 28, 2008 - 1 Dreams
10:05 am: Mr. McClellan writes that top White House officials deceived him about the administration’s involvem
07:42 pm: Catskill Mountains Photographs May 25
08:01 pm: BRUCE “U. UTAH” PHILLIPS (1935-2008) Share Today at 9:52am We are saddened to report the passing of
08:51 am: Dale
09:12 am: the Disease Model of Addiction
01:34 pm: Where Is the Outrage - Robert Scheer
02:00 pm: Still Painting Messages on Buildings, but No Longer a Vandal
02:18 pm: Max Jacobson (Dr. Feelgood) was asked by Kennedy before a recital in the White House by Pablo Casal
03:04 pm: New discoveries shed light on the original purpose of the Stonehenge monument, shown here in a photo
07:11 pm: Catskill Mountains Photographs May 26
09:42 am: What type of Heart do you have? Create your own quiz Angel's Heart Angel's Heart You fall in love qu
11:38 am: Jones Flat Catskill Mountain Photographs
12:03 pm: Zimbabwe Freedom Photographs
12:05 pm: zimbabwe
12:38 pm: Subject: Condi Rice 'Huge Supporter of Fulbrights' ?? To: Undisclosed-Recipient The Fullbright pro
10:37 pm: McClellan and His Media Collaborators - Jeff Cohen
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