April 9th, 2008

Chris Keeley

Secret US Plan for Military Future in Iraq

Secret US Plan for Military Future in Iraq
    By Seumas Milne
    The Guardian UK

    Tuesday 08 April 2008

Document outlines powers but sets no time limit on troop presence.

    A confidential draft agreement covering the future of US forces in Iraq, passed to the Guardian, shows that provision is being made for an open-ended military presence in the country.

    The draft strategic framework agreement between the US and Iraqi governments, dated March 7 and marked "secret" and "sensitive", is intended to replace the existing UN mandate and authorises the US to "conduct military operations in Iraq and to detain individuals when necessary for imperative reasons of security" without time limit.

The surfacing of this allegedly secret document by The Guardian (of the UK)  should muddy the waters in Washington in conjunction with the testimony of General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker before Congress.  Whether it will or not remains to be seen.
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Chris Keeley

Study: Lawmakers Invest $196M in Pentagon Contractors

Study: Lawmakers Invest $196M in Pentagon Contractors

A new study shows members of Congress have collectively invested as much $196 million in military companies under contract with the Pentagon. The Center for Responsive Politics says the holdings could pose a conflict of interest for lawmakers deciding on spending for the Iraq war. More Republicans had military investments than Democrats, but Democrats have more money at stake. The highest stakeholder is Democratic Senator John Kerry. Kerry made at least $2.6 million from his investments between 2004 and 2006. He has up to $38 million invested in companies doing business with the Pentagon.

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State Dept. Renews Blackwater Contract in Iraq Despite Pentagon Labeling Sept. Baghdad Killing of 17

State Dept. Renews Blackwater Contract in Iraq Despite Pentagon Labeling Sept. Baghdad Killing of 17 Civilians “A Criminal Event”

The State Department has announced it is extending the private military firm Blackwater’s contract in Baghdad for another year. The news comes despite an ongoing FBI investigation into the September 16th shooting in Baghdad where Blackwater guards were accused of killing seventeen Iraqi civilians. An earlier investigation by the Pentagon found that all seventeen Iraqis were killed as a result of unprovoked and unjustified fire by Blackwater operatives. We speak with journalist Jeremy Scahill, author of the bestselling book, Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s most Powerful Mercenary Army. Scahill recently confronted the vice president of Blackwater about the September 16th shootings.

AMY GOODMAN: The US military announced Saturday its first case against a civilian contractor since 1968. Iraqi Canadian Alaa “Alex” Mohammad Ali was charged with aggravated assault for allegedly stabbing another contractor in February. Ali fled Saddam’s Iraq in the 1990s and became a military translator for the United States. He is the first person to be charged under the 2006 congressional amendment that allows military authorities to prosecute crimes committed by civilians working with the US Armed Forces. Iraqi courts are prevented from prosecuting foreign military contractors because of a 2004 law passed under the US-led Coalition Provisional Authority.


The military’s announcement came just a day after the State Department announced it was extending the private military firm Blackwater’s contract in Baghdad for another year. This comes as the FBI is continuing its investigation into the September 2007 Nisour Square shooting where Blackwater guards were accused of killing seventeen Iraqi civilians.

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Contract Justice


For the first time since 1968, the Pentagon has charged a civilian contractor under military law. But the individual in question is not one of the Blackwater "shooters" alleged to have gunned down seventeen Iraqi civilians in Baghdad's Nisour Square last September, nor is it the Blackwater contractor accused of shooting to death a bodyguard to the Iraqi vice president inside the Green Zone on Christmas Eve 2006. In fact, the contractor is not even a US citizen. Nor is he an armed contractor. And the crime in question was not committed against an Iraqi civilian.

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Chris Keeley

Senator Evan Bayh summed up the Dada nature of our plan in Iraq: “We’ll know when we get there, and

April 9, 2008
Op-Ed Columnist

Toil and Trouble


Maybe it was because I was sitting in the back of the Senate chamber with three war protesters — grim-faced, chanting women dressed in black hooded cloaks, white makeup and blood-red hands — that I felt as though I were watching a production of “Macbeth” rather than a hearing on Iraq.

“Fair is foul, and foul is fair,” the witches in the play said. “Hover through the fog and filthy air.”

Many words hovered Tuesday in the Senate — including some pointed ones by the woman and two men vying to be commander in chief. But the words seemed trapped in a labyrinth leading nowhere.

The Surge Twins were back, but the daylong testimony of David Petraeus and Ryan Crocker before two committees seemed more depressing this time. As the Bard writes in “Macbeth”: “From that spring whence comfort seemed to come, discomfort swells.”

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Scott Weiland said. “There’s more to be revealed and more to be told.”

The Grammy Award-winning Stone Temple Pilots, after a five-year breakup and a nearly eight-year absence from concerts, plan to reunite for a 65-city North American tour that will begin on May 17 in Columbus, Ohio, The Associated Press reported. “The story’s not finished,” the singer Scott Weiland said. “There’s more to be revealed and more to be told.” Founded in 1992, the rock band, including the brothers Dean DeLeo (guitarist) and Robert DeLeo (bass) and the drummer Eric Kretz, has sold more than 35 million albums worldwide.

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McCain and conspiracy theorists agree that Washington is Satanic

McCain and conspiracy theorists agree that Washington is Satanic


Dan Morse of The Washington Post looks for evidence to support McCain's frequent claims that Washington is the "city of Satan."

First, McCain:

McCain, a Republican senator from Arizona, has regularly called Washington Satan's City over the past 10 years. He did so twice last month, including during a visit to the Atlanta headquarters of Chick-fil-A, the fast-food chain whose founder is such a devoted Baptist he keeps the eateries closed on Sundays. "It's harder and harder trying to do the Lord's work in the city of Satan," McCain said, according to an Associated Press account.

(Maybe McCain thinks Satan is going to try to stop him from carrying out a "a biblically prophesied end-time confrontation with Iran, which will lead to the Rapture, Tribulation, and Second Coming of Christ," as his new best friend forvever, Pastor John Hagee, prays for.)

Next, Cutting Edge Ministries director David Bay:

"McCain was right," said David Bay, speaking by phone from Lexington, S.C., where as director of Cutting Edge Ministries he has long asserted that Washington's streets are positioned to usher in Lucifer as "the ultimate master of Government Center."

"You will need to have your maps of Washington, D.C., opened in front of you as we proceed," reads a treatise on the subject posted on Bay's Internet site.

Using Dupont and Logan circles as northern points, Bay instructs, you can trace various interlocking streets to form a demonic pentagram, one that bores directly into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Other satanic hot spots cited by believers include the U.S. Capitol and the Washington Monument. The latter was described by Bay, the South Carolina author, as a filthy, phallic and satanic homage to the god Baal.

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In the 2007 New York Times bestseller "The Book of Fate," a central character named Nico Hadrian adv

Satan and Washington go back. After John Wilkes Booth murdered Abraham Lincoln, printers rushed out images of a horned and clawed devil whispering into Booth's ear at Ford's Theatre, according to "Manhunt," a book about the search for Booth.

On Aug. 20, 1949, The Washington Post weighed in, greeting readers with a headline atop the front page: "Priest Frees Mt. Rainier Boy Reported Held in Devil's Grip."

The story told of a 14-year-old Prince George's County boy who underwent "between 20 and 30" exorcisms, most of which had him breaking into violent, cursing tantrums and bouts of Latin, a language he had never studied. The article quoted unnamed "Catholic sources."

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