April 2nd, 2008

Chris Keeley

A Grim Tradition, and a Long Struggle to End it

The Rev. Julio Gonzalez, a priest in Chimayo, N.M., says he has buried overdose victims “of all ages, including people you’d think were pillars of the community.” 


A Multi-Generational PlagueAudio Slide Show

A Multi-Generational Plague 

ESPAÑOLA, N.M. — Eric Lucero has been addicted to heroin for three decades and says he has known at least 100 people in this pastoral county who died from overdoses, some in his presence.

But Mr. Lucero has recently become a popular — and, he would argue, safer — injection buddy. Seven times, he says, he has revived companions by using an anti-overdose drug, Narcan, which the state now hands out to addicts and their relatives as part of its effort to reduce the toll of one of the country’s most pervasive epidemics of narcotics use.

Mr. Lucero, 48, said, “People know I’m good at saving them.”

Rio Arriba County, just north of Santa Fe, is a Georgia O’Keeffe landscape of juniper-dotted desert and mountain valleys populated mostly by Hispanics who proudly trace their lineage to settlers of the 1600s — and who, a decade ago, discovered that their county had the nation’s highest per capita rate of deaths from overdoses. Hundreds of families are struggling to live with a multigenerational plague of narcotics; Mr. Lucero’s own son is addicted.

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Chris Keeley

a major retrospective of the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.

a major retrospective of the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. 


The show — its title, appropriately, is “©Murakami” — includes a fully operational Louis Vuitton shop selling some of Mr. Murakami’s designs for that luxury brand. A leather strap for a cellphone carries a $220 price tag; handbags range from $1,310 to $2,210. He has designed three new patterned-canvas wall hangings just for this exhibition; printed in editions of 100 each, the first 50 will be offered at the shop for $6,000 apiece, and the rest at $10,000 apiece. Other leather goods designed for the show will be for sale too.

Mr. Murakami’s company, Kaikai Kiki (from the Japanese words for bizarre and elegant ), 

Mr. Murakami first became famous in the 1990s for a theory he called Superflat. Derived from traditional Japanese painting, it was adopted by the contemporary art world to indicate a mix of high and low art. The retrospective begins with his fantastical and sometimes dark universe from that period. Creatures like Mr. DOB, a Mickey Mouse-type character, and Mr. Pointy, another cartoonlike creature, inhabit this space alongside smiley-faced flowers and colorful mushrooms.

The artist’s latest, largest and most colorful version of his Mr. Pointy character greets visitors just inside the museum’s front door. Known as Tongari-kun in Japanese, this character is represented by a 23-foot-tall edition flanked by smaller pointy guards that wear different expressions — smiling, yawning, sleepy, etc. 

we had to have security guards posted the entire time because kids tried to record the videos on their cellphones and post them on YouTube.” 

“©Murakami” opens on Saturday and continues through July 5 at the Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Parkway, at Prospect Park; (718)<133>683-5000.

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Environmental officials found the skinned and salted corpses of some 740 alligators in a nature rese

Environmental officials found the skinned and salted corpses of some 740 alligators in a nature reserve in the Amazon jungle, apparently destined for lunch in regional restaurants. About eight tons of the dried reptiles were discovered in the Piagacu-Purus Reserve, the Amazonas state environmental protection agency said. Residents are permitted limited hunts for their own subsistence, but Aldenira Queiroz, an agency director, said the quantity indicated “a large-scale commercial operation,” which was illegal.
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Giant, hippie-hating, cannibalistic squids attack SF Bay Area

Giant, hippie-hating, cannibalistic squids attack SF Bay Area

Oh, alright, I made up the hippie-hating part, but they do exhibit "cannibalistic" behavior, and they are quite large. Mexican fisherman call them "red devils."

Here in the US, we call them Humboldt Squids, and here's a short video about an ongoing invasion, from QUEST, a science show produced by San Francisco's PBS affiliate station.

A mysterious sea creature up to 7 feet long, with 10 arms, a sharp beak and a ravenous appetite, has invaded ocean waters off Northern California. Packs of fierce Humboldt Squid attack nearly everything they see, from fish to scuba divers. Marine biologists are working to discover why they've headed north from their traditional homes off South America.
Chris Keeley



Mapping post-election violence in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe democracy and human rights advocacy group Sokwanele created this Google maps hack to visualize first-hand news reports of election-related human rights violations in the embattled Southern African nation. (more at this cheesebikini post. Thanks, Sean savage)

Update: Sean clarifies:

It's important to note, however, that this service doesn't illustrate *first-hand* violence reports, as you state in the boingboing post... It shows incidents reported in the media. As the map site stipulates:

"The breaches shown on this map represent a small sample of those gathered during our Zimbabwe Election Watch (ZEW) project, which set out to monitor the Zimbabwean government's compliance with the SADC Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections.

The breaches identified under ZEW are based on information derived from media sources. It is very important that the map is viewed with this in mind.

Zimbabwe has a highly restricted media environment, and fuel shortages make remote rural areas inaccessible to journalists who do manage to circumvent the legislation and report regardless. This means that urban areas have a greater representation on the map. Blank areas on the map do not indicate 'uneventful' areas; they are more likely to represent stories we are unable to tell and incidents that have not been reported.

The map aims to give an impression of the scale and range of challenges facing Zimbabweans as we head towards the March 29th elections. Even though this is based on a small sample of information we have logged since July 2007, it clearly shows that conditions in the country are not conducive for a free and fair democractic elections."

Chris Keeley

McCain Economic Advisers Under Scrutiny

McCain Economic Advisers Under Scrutiny

Meanwhile, on the Republican side, McCain is coming under new scrutiny today for having economic advisers linked to aggressive corporate behavior and financial deregulation. McCain adviser and former Senator Phil Gramm is a vice-chair of the UBS investment bank. On Tuesday, UBS announced losses of billions of dollars because of investments tied to the US subprime mortgage crisis. In the 1990s, Gramm chaired the Senate Banking Committee, where he led efforts to deregulate the financial industry. His efforts culminated in the 1999 repeal of the Glass-Steagall law separating regulation of commercial and investment banks. Another key McCain adviser, Carly Fiorina, is the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard. She was ousted three years ago and linked to spying efforts to uncover the source of a boardroom leak.


And finally a correction: on Tuesday we reported on the closing of a Marine recruiting center in Berkeley, California, following a wave of protests. The information was based on a press release sent out by the group Code Pink. It turns out the press release was an April Fools’ Day hoax by the antiwar group. The Marines have no plans to leave Berkeley.

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Sanctuary Artist Management announced today that “Velvet Revolver founding members Slash, Duff McKag

Sanctuary Artist Management announced today that “Velvet Revolver founding members Slash, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum and Dave Kushner … are parting ways with singer Scott Weiland.”

“This band is all about its fans and its music, and Scott Weiland isn’t 100% committed to either,” said Slash.  “Among other things, his increasingly erratic on-stage behavior and personal problems have forced us to move on.”

A spokesperson from Sanctuary Management says the band has no comment at this time.

We know what you’re thinking: This is an April Fool’s joke designed to prey on our worst fears. But there’s no joke here, unless you’re counting the band itself, though that appears to have been started in all seriousness.

As far as plans, Weiland will be joining his old Stone Temple Pilot pals for a few reunion shows this summer. And Velvet Revolver will likely soldier on with plans to drop its third album.

All I’ve got to say is that no one in this fine mess has written a song as cool as “Mr. Brownstone.” Well, at least not since Slash actually wrote “Mr. Brownstone.” VR and STP, race to see who can write the next fresh junkie jam. That doesn’t mean you have to use drugs to make it! No one wants that. But please, you can do better than this.

–Margaret Wappler

Chris Keeley

Then & Now - Eight South African Photographers at the Duke University Library. "...An exhibition of

Then & Now - Eight South African Photographers at the Duke University Library. "...An exhibition of 160 photographs mounted in 5 venues at Duke University. South African photographer Paul Weinberg conceived and curated Then & Now which is comprised of black and white and color photographs from 8 South African documentary photographers. Twenty photographs were selected from each photographer, 10 made under apartheid and 10 photographs made after the historic democratic elections of 1994."


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Greetings. I am the president of Conflict Solutions International (csiorg.org). We saw your picture on the web for the Tibet demonstration. Good stuff. I think we should meet some day to explore ways to cooperate. Actually, if you check our site, you will see that you can submit links to your good work. We get quite a few viewers so that may amplify the impact of your work.
On a more immediate topic, we are looking for a speaker for an event we are going to be doing on Tibet. Do you know any of these monks/activists? We tried reaching out to the International Campaign on Tibet but they have not cooperated so far.
George d'Angelo
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ajax12 songs, 64:52 minutes

 ajax  http://ajax.muxtape.com/
  • The Crystal Method - Dubelicious Groove [Spanish Fly Remix]
    6:48 4:34 am April 2nd 100%
  • Bombay Dub Orchestra - Feel
    6:50 3:18 am April 2nd
  • Anoushka Shankar/remixed by Thievery Corporation - Beloved
    4:24 3:24 am April 2nd
  • Amon Tobin - Stoney Street
    5:53 3:54 am April 2nd
  • Pizzicato Five - Such a Beautiful Girl Like You
    4:01 5:09 am April 2nd
  • Jose Vanders - Stuck On Dreams
    3:28 6:02 am April 2nd
  • The Herbaliser - Serge
    5:35 6:07 am April 2nd
  • Lou Reed - Perfect Day
    3:45 5:52 am April 2nd
  • ABC - All of my heart
    5:18 5:50 am April 2nd
  • Goldfrapp - Road To Somewhere
    3:52 5:17 am April 2nd
  • M83 - Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun
    10:37 6:11 am April 2nd
  • Boards of Canada - 1969
    4:21 5:23 am Apri
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