January 15th, 2008

Chris Keeley

Britain to Implant Prisoners With Spychips

Britain to Implant Prisoners With Spychips

The British government is planning to begin implanting machine readable microchips under the skin of thousands of convicts to help enforce home curfews. The Independent of London reports radio frequency identification or RFID tags would be surgically inserted into the former prisoners. The spychips would contain scannable personal information about individuals, including their identities, address and criminal record. The government is also investigating how it could use satellite and radio-wave technology to monitor the released prisoners.

Headlines for January 15, 2008

Bush Pushes New Saudi Arms Deal During Visit to Kingdom

President Bush has arrived in Saudi Arabia in his first trip to the kingdom as president. This comes as the Bush administration is seeking Congressional approval to sell 900 sophisticated satellite-guided missiles to Saudi Arabia as part of a twenty billion dollar arms sale to Persian Gulf allies.

Saudi Arabia & Egypt Criticized For Jailing Dissident Bloggers

Ahead of President Bush’s visit, Saudi Arabia detained several prominent dissidents including Fouad Ahmed al-Farhan who runs a popular pro-reform blog. Al-Farhan has been jailed without charge since December 10. On Wednesday, President Bush plans to meet with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak who has also been criticized for jailing dissidents and bloggers.
One online journalist, Abdel Karim Suleiman, is serving a four-year prison sentence for allegedly insulting Islam and Mubarak. The Committee to Protest Journalists has called on Bush to urge King Abdullah and President Mubarak to release the jailed journalists and bloggers. Meanwhile in Cairo, several hundred opposition activists demonstrated on Monday against Bush’s scheduled visit.

Opposition Activists Protest Bush Visit to Egypt

Police confined the protesters

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