December 27th, 2007

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Horgan also captured legends like Henry Rollins and Ian McKaye goofing off in a Georgetown ice cream shop. This show's opening night was one of my favorites of the year. A slew of 30-somethings who had been really into the scene descended on Govinda to relive some of those days -- bringing their children in tow.
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Ms. Bhutto saw herself as the inheritor of her father’s mantle, often spoke of how he encouraged her

Ms. Bhutto saw herself as the inheritor of her father’s mantle, often spoke of how he encouraged her to study the lives of legendary female leaders ranging from Indira Gandhi to Joan of Arc.

December 28, 2007

Benazir Bhutto, 54, Lived in Eye of Pakistan Storm

The daughter of one of Pakistan’s most flamboyant and democratically inclined prime ministers, Benazir Bhutto, 54, served two turbulent tenures of her own in that post. A deeply polarizing figure, she lived in exile in London for years with corruption charges hanging over her head before returning home this fall to present herself as the answer to her nation’s trouble.

She was killed on Thursday in a combined shooting and bombing attack at a rally in Rawalpindi, one of a series of open rallies she had insisted on holding since her return to Pakistan this fall, after years in self-imposed exile.

A woman of grand ambitions and a taste for complex political maneuvering, Ms. Bhutto, 54, was long the leader of the country’s largest opposition political party, founded by her father, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Even from exile, her leadership was firm, and when she returned, she proclaimed herself a tribune of democracy, leading rallies in opposition to Mr. Musharraf, like the one at which she died.

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Gregory Hart got an apartment in a program with no preconditions for assistance. (By Michael William

Gregory Hart got an apartment in a program with no preconditions for assistance. (By Michael Williamson 

Gregory Hart got an apartment in a program with no preconditions for assistance.

By Marc Fisher
Thursday, December 27, 2007; B01


This is where Gregory Hart lived for most of the past two years: down an alley alongside Ben's Chili Bowl on U Street NW, next to a trash can, curled against a concrete platform. Here, gang toughs assaulted him with a baseball bat. Here, he raised rats in a box. Here, he relied on a dog and a cat -- Bam Bam and Little Bam Bam -- to wake him if danger lurked. Here, passersby called him "retard" and shouted at him to "get a job."

And this is where Gregory Hart has lived since last Thursday: in a spacious, sunny, well-heated three-room apartment he has entirely to himself, with a stove where he can cook chicken and gravy, and with a blue comforter he chose at Target and a bed where he can sleep as long as he wants without fear of attack.

Hart, 53, has spent long chunks of his life on the streets of Washington. Mentally ill and in poor health, he has drifted through periods of drinking and drugging. Dismissed as mentally incompetent from an early age, he never attended regular school and couldn't read or write until adulthood.

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Senate Democrats Block Recess Appointment of Author of Torture Memo

Senate Democrats Block Recess Appointment of Author of Torture Memo

On Capitol Hill, Senate Democrats are attempting to block President Bush from giving a recess appointment to a government attorney who authored two of the Bush administration’s secret torture memos. The Senate is usually in recess this week but on Wednesday, the Senate held a nine-second session in order to prevent Bush from promoting Steven Bradbury to become the chief of the Justice Department’s Office of Legislative Council. Bradbury is currently the acting chief but his nomination has not been approved by the Senate. In 2005 Bradbury signed two secret memos approving the CIA’s use of harsh interrogation techniques.

Ex-Pakistani Prime Minister Bhutto Assassinated

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benezir Bhutto has been assassinated just two months after returning to Pakistan from exile. She died after an apparent suicide attack in the city of Rawalpindi. She had just addressed an election rally when gunfire and an explosion occurred. Listen/Watch full segment

Teenager Dies After Cigna Refused To Pay For Transplant

A California family is seeking murder or manslaughter charges against the health insurance company Cigna following the death of 17-year-old Nataline Sarkisyan.
On December 11 doctors at UCLA determined Sarkisyan needed a liver transplant. But Signa refused to pay for the transplant, saying the procedure was experimental and outside the scope of coverage. After 10 days of refusing to cover the transplant Cigna bowed to public pressure and agreed to cover the costs of the surgery. But Nataline’s family said by then it was too late. The teenager died less than an hour after Cigna reversed its decision. The family’s attorney Mark Geragos said he plans to ask the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office to consider manslaughter or murder charges against Cigna.
Geragos said Cigna signed the girl’s “death warrant” by delaying approval for a transplant.

Deans of Journalism Schools Warn Against Media Consolidation

And a group of deans from some of the most prominent journalism schools in the country are encouraging journalists to speak out against last week’s FCC’s ruling allowing cross-ownership of newspapers and broadcasting stations. In an opinion piece in the New York Times, the deans said the future of the profession of journalism and its public mission is at stake. The deans write: “We do not believe that the market can be absolutely trusted to provide the local news gathering that the American system needs to function at its best.” The deans warned that deregulation has led to cutbacks in newsrooms across the country. “Television and radio stations generally have smaller news staffs today than they did in the era before deregulation,” they wrote. “That represents a real loss for American democracy.”

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James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano and series creator David Chase with “a friend” on the April Soprano

James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano and series creator David Chase with “a friend” on the April Sopranos cover. Photograph by Annie Leibovitz. 

Model yogini Christy Turlington in Amagansett, New York. Photograph by Michael O’Neill. 

Singer, songwriter, musician, and painter Joni Mitchell at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, California. Photograph by Annie Leibovitz. 

Actress Eva Green channels her dark side. Photograph by Patrick Demarchelier. 
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Publisher Larry Flynt and retired escort Wendy Ellis at a September 2007 news conference where Ellis

Publisher Larry Flynt and retired escort Wendy Ellis at a September 2007 news conference where Ellis claimed she had had a paid sexual relationship with Louisiana Republican senator David Vitter in 1999, when he was a state legislator. By Jim Ruymen/UPI/Landov

Larry Flynt and Wendy Ellis

by Bruce Handy
n the spring of 2001, as he was putting an end to his second marriage, Rudolph Giuliani, then mayor of New York City, moved out of the mayor’s mansion and for the next few months bunked at the home of Howard Koeppel, a friend and political supporter. Also sharing the apartment was Mark Hsiao, Koeppel’s longtime boyfriend.

Six years later, with Giuliani now one of the leading Republican candidates for president, his interregnum with the Koeppel-Hsiaos has drawn the interest not only of suspicious conservatives but also of Larry Flynt, who, not a conservative, has made a good living off of traditional male needs as the founder and publisher of Hustler magazine (not to mention Barely Legal, Backdoor Babes, and the 21 other publications he owns, along with a Hustler video company, a chain of Hustler strip clubs and sex-toy stores, and a small Hustler Casino in Gardena, California). Flynt has granted me an audience—I’m not bragging; it’s not hard to get Flynt to talk—in his office on the 10th floor of the Flynt Publications building, in Beverly Hills. “Let me ask you something,” he says in a voice that might best be described as a slurred croak. “As mayor of New York, would you live in an apartment with three gay guys?” Flynt’s facts aren’t entirely in order, but his train of thought won’t be derailed. “I’m not gay,” he continues. “I don’t hate gays. But I don’t want to live in an apartment full of them. They’ll bitch and cry and all. That doesn’t bother Giuliani. It doesn’t bother Giuliani to put a dress on to do Saturday Night Live. I don’t trust him. I don’t think he’s electable.”

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e’re getting about all the heads we can put over the mantel now,” Flynt tells me. In June of last ye

We’re getting about all the heads we can put over the mantel now,” Flynt tells me. In June of last year, he placed yet another ad in The Washington Post, again offering up to $1 million for evidence of “illicit sexual or intimate relations” with politicians and other officials; he claims the proposition has borne much fruit. Over the summer, when he began talking to me for this article, he dropped three A-list names—a Republican presidential candidate, a well-known Republican senator, and another prominent conservative official—whose peccadilloes he claimed Hustler was on the verge of exposing, hinting at hooker parties and no-tell-motel liaisons. When we sit down in the fall, these names are off the table, though investigations are said to be ongoing. The ripest target now, Flynt claims, is a closeted gay Republican senator who is not Larry Craig, though last spring Flynt’s investigators were also pursuing rumors about Craig, going as far as putting a surveillance team on him, before his arrest in June for allegedly soliciting sex in a men’s room at the Minneapolis airport.

“The other shoe’s going to drop any day,” Flynt says, speaking of the other senator. “It’ll surprise a lot of people that he’s gay. And I’ll bet you he resigns the same day and rides off into the sunset. He won’t be as stupid as Craig,” who after an initial vow to leave office changed his mind and instead fought to reverse his guilty plea to disorderly conduct.

But Flynt’s investigation of this second senator is at a tricky pass. “His boyfriend is in a quandary about selling him out. It’s really somewhat of a pathetic situation. But we also have other boyfriends that he’s been involved with.” These earlier boyfriends are apparently willing to go on the record, and have also supplied Flynt’s investigators with corroborating evidence. “We got some motel records. We got some photographs. They don’t involve sex, but sort of romantic walks on the beach and that sort of thing.”

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Work ethic
Self absorbed
Conflict seeking
Need to dominate
Change averse
Peter pan complex
Physical security
Physical Fitness
Female cliche

Jung Type Descriptions

enfpenfjentpentj | estjesfj | estpesfpinfp | infj | intpintj | istjisfjistpisfp


creative, smart, focus on fantasy more than reality, attracted to sad things, fears doing the wrong thing, observer, avoidant, fears drawing attention to self, anxious, cautious, somewhat easily frightened, easily offended, private, easily hurt, socially uncomfortable, emotionally moody, does not like to be looked at, fearful, perfectionist, can sabotage self, can be wounded at the core, values solitude, guarded, does not like crowds, organized, second guesses self, more likely to support marijuana legalization, focuses on peoples hidden motives, prone to crying, not competitive, prone to feelings of loneliness, not spontaneous, prone to sadness, longs for a stabilizing relationship, fears rejection in relationships, frequently worried, can feel victimized, prone to intimidation, lower energy, strict with self

favored careers:

psychotherapist, artist, art curator, bookstore owner, freelance writer, poet, teacher (art, drama, english), library assistant, professor of english, painter, novelist, book editor, copywriter, philosopher, environmentalist, bookseller, museum curator, opera singer, magazine editor, archivist, music therapist, screenwriter, film director, creative director, librarian, social services worker, art historian, sign language interpreter, photo journalist, makeup artist, photo journalist, homemaker

disfavored careers:

airline pilot, race car driver, businessman, information technology consultant, executive, administrator, supervisor, bartender, lab technician, restaurant owner, strategist, ceo, bar owner, marketing specialist, business consultant
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Eccentric Personality Disorders: Paranoid, Schizoid, Schizotypal
Eccentric Personality Disorders: Paranoid, Schizoid, Schizotypal

Individuals with these disorders often appear odd or peculiar.

Paranoid Personality Disorder - individual generally tends to interpret the actions of others as threatening.

Schizoid Personality Disorder - individual generally detached from social relationships, and shows a narrow range of emotional expression in various social settings.

Schizotypal Personality Disorder - individual is uncomfortable in close relationships, has thought or perceptual distortions, and peculiarities of behavior.

Dramatic Personality Disorders: Antisocial, Borderline, Histrionic, and Narcissistic

Individuals with these disorders have intense, unstable emotions, distorted self-perception, and/or behavioral impulsiveness.

Antisocial Personality Disorder - individual shows a pervasive disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others.

Borderline Personality Disorder - individual shows a generalized pattern of instability in interpersonal relationships, self-image, and observable emotions, and significant impulsiveness.

Histrionic Personality Disorder - individual often displays excessive emotionality and attention seeking in various contexts. They tend to overreact to other people, and are often perceived as shallow and self-centered.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder - individual has a grandiose view of themselves, a need for admiration, and a lack of empathy that begins by early adulthood and is present in various situations. These individuals are very demanding in their relationships.

Anxious Personality Disorders: Avoidant, Dependent, Obsessive-Compulsive

Individuals with these disorders often appear anxious or fearful.

Avoidant Personality Disorder - individual is socially inhibited, feels inadequate, and is oversensitive to criticism

Dependent Personality Disorder - individual shows an extreme need to be taken care of that leads to fears of separation, and passive and clinging behavior.

Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder - individual is preoccupied with orderliness, perfectionism, and control at the expense of flexibility, openness, and efficiency.
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Eccentric Personality Disorders: Paranoid, Schizoid, Schizotypal

Yikes :

Eccentric Personality Disorders: Paranoid, Schizoid, Schizotypal

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Lily Cole Nude in the Dust...

Lily Cole Nude in the Dust...

Mein Got Im Himmel! That German devil Jurgen Teller should be arrested for this! But seriously, Paradis is a French men's magazine worth looking into even for the ladies (Lily Cole's full frontal being not the only ulterior motive). Paradis' latest issue also includes a big article on Alaia by none other than the New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn, an interview with the contemporary art poster boy Damien Hirst and a nude portfolio of a pregnant Eva Herzigova. It's a keeper.

Paradis Magazine

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Since 1999, the nation’s capital, which reports having the highest rate of AIDS infection of any maj

Since 1999, the nation’s capital, which reports having the highest rate of AIDS infection of any major city in the country, has been the only city barred by federal law from using municipal money for needle exchanges

December 27, 2007

New Law Allows Needle Exchanges in Washington

WASHINGTON — President Bush signed legislation on Wednesday lifting a ban that for nearly a decade has prevented city officials here from using local tax money for needle exchange programs.

Officials of the District of Columbia Health Department said that with the ban lifted, they would allocate $1 million for such programs in 2008.

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The new testing procedures are some of the most aggressive H.I.V.-prevention measures in the country

The new testing procedures are some of the most aggressive H.I.V.-prevention measures in the country for pregnant women and newborns, making New Jersey one of just a handful of states with laws requiring some form of prenatal testing.

December 27, 2007

New Jersey Requires H.I.V. Test in Pregnancy

TRENTON — An H.I.V. test is about to become as routine as an ultrasound for pregnant women in New Jersey.

Under a bill signed into law on Wednesday, all pregnant women in the state will be tested for the virus as part of their prenatal care unless they object. The law also requires testing for newborns if the H.I.V. status of the mother is unknown.

The new testing procedures are some of the most aggressive H.I.V.-prevention measures in the country for pregnant women and newborns, making New Jersey one of just a handful of states with laws requiring some form of prenatal testing.

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The party inside that store and in 203 other Apple stores around the world is one reason the company

The party inside that store and in 203 other Apple stores around the world is one reason the company’s stock is up nearly 135 percent for the year. By contrast, high-flying Google is up about 52 percent, while the tech-dominated Nasdaq index is up 12 percent. 

December 27, 2007

Inside Apple Stores, a Certain Aura Enchants the Faithful

It was 2 o’clock in the morning but in the subterranean retailing mecca in Midtown Manhattan, otherwise known as the Apple store, it might as well have been midafternoon.

Late one night shortly before Christmas, parents pushed strollers and tourists straight off the plane mingled with nocturnal New Yorkers, clicking through iPod playlists, cruising the Internet on MacBooks, and touch-padding their way around iPhones.

And through the night, cheerful sales staff stayed busy, ringing up customers at the main checkout counter and on hand-held devices in an uninterrupted stream of brick-and-mortar commerce.

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Dan Eldon’s journals in “The Journey Is the Destination

Pages in Dan Eldon’s journals in “The Journey Is the Destination

More Photos > 

December 27, 2007

Photographs, Art and Lessons, Taken From a Life Cut Short

In the summer of 1993 Dan Eldon, a 22-year-old photographer for Reuters, was making his way through the streets of Mogadishu to the suspected headquarters of a Somali warlord where scores of people had just been killed in a bombing by United Nations forces. There, amid the rubble, he and three other journalists were set upon by an enraged mob and stoned to death.

The violence made headlines around the world and underscored the perils journalists face covering violent conflicts. Exhibitions of Mr. Eldon’s war photography traveled the world, even as his family members in Los Angeles and Kenya grappled with the loss of a son and a brother.

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Ivanka Trump wearing a $350,000 pavé diamond bead necklace, which is part of her collection

Clearly, Ms. Trump has inherited her father’s prodigious flair for self-promotion. On the face of it, Mr. Trump rules a real estate empire of 70 properties. But in some ways, he is the Pierre Cardin of the real estate world, a licensing pioneer who has sold the right to use his name on dozens of luxury projects, charging 8 to 15 percent of the gross, according to Forbes magazine, which calculates his net worth as $3 billion. (Mr. Trump, who disputes the Forbes ranking, says the figure is $7 billion.)

Damon Winter/The New York Times

Ms. Trump disdains the attitude of entitlement that plagues some of her peers. She pays the mortgage on her own apartment, a $1.5 million unit at Trump Park Avenue. No Paris Hilton, she has determinedly sidestepped scandal. After some coaxing, she acknowledged dating Mr. Kushner, but declined to discuss their relationship. “Nothing good can come of that,” she said.

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Home on Holiday, the Lebanese Say, What Turmoil?

There'll Always Be A Lebanon--Robert Worth, NYTimes-12/24/07

Home on Holiday, the Lebanese Say, What Turmoil?


BEIRUT, Lebanon — Lebanon may seem an unlikely holiday spot: the
government has collapsed, car bombs go off periodically and foreign
envoys warn of an impending civil war.

And yet, so many people have been streaming into this tiny, embattled
country in recent days that the flights are all overbooked, and some
well-heeled travelers are driving 18 hours from the Persian Gulf.
Beirut’s restaurants, bars and malls are all packed with revelers.

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Tonight I will celebrate 24 years clean from all drugs (NA style) - 12.28.1983

Tonight I will celebrate 24 years clean from all drugs (NA style)  - 12.28.1983

Narcotics Anonymous saved my life - for that I am forever grateful

I am starting another book called
"the Gift of Grace" - 80 photographs and 80 pages of text 1-365 sentences of hope - experience and positive vibes
This is the beginning  :
Gift of Grace

1) I am not in the problem today, now I am living in the solution, a friend that I help says, God put you in my life for a reason.
2) We have a Story. This story gives others Hope. This path gives us a sense of direction and validates our purpose and others experience a sense of belonging. We are living our dreams while recognizing the reality of freedom.
3) We don't get to pick our Clean Date. (An addict has no choice in active addiction). I believe in Grace, some may call it Divine Intervention, because I am an addict who got clean miraculously and stayed clean after some exposure to Narcotics Anonymous. I can remember before that exposure, I could not go a day, much less than a few hours with taking some kind of drug, Alcohol, Marijuana, or pill to escape my present reality. Today I understand my recovery from active drug addiction to being a blessing that only a few are chosen with the gift of recovery and freedom from active addiction.  The luck of the Irish. For this new chance on life, I am forever grateful.
4) Eventually in recovery our spirits run together and our words sound the same.  Our light reflects our gratitude when we understand that we have found freedom. Now we are able to live in the here and now.
5) We pray, we trust God and we move forward in hopes that it will do some good. A survival manual and a map on how to succeed in joyous living by living a spiritual life. We are so very fortunate to have our lives clean today. We each know what miracles we are.  And more than that, we have each other. When you really quiet down and pay attention, it is like this: the world is the surface of a pond and there are things moving down there that reach up to splash events that would catch us by surprise if we couldn't see it coming. Reading Einstein lately and even he wasn't exactly sure what light was. Is light a wave of energy or a particle? Pretty basic question, but where would we be without light. And the spirit is like light or the absence of it. Nice to be out of the river of scum, high on the bank and watch it all go by.

© Keeley 2007 All Photographs Copyright 2007 Christopher Keeley

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