December 22nd, 2007

Chris Keeley

from a HRts friend from Argentina..on GAZA

Strangling Gaza *
21/12/2007 05:30:00 AM GMT

*The people of Gaza, are purposely being deprived of basic foods and
medicines because they want to be free. *

/By César Chelala/

*It could, rightfully, be a cause of shame to the world. But the world,
besieged by violence and injustice, hardly notices it. The people of
Gaza, 1.4 million of them, are slowly and purposely being deprived of
basic foods and medicines by the so-called civilized countries in the
West and there is hardly a protest. And all this happens because the
people in Gaza want to be free and independent. Never mind that in the
process children and innocent civilians are killed or families
dispossessed. *

Dr. Mona Elfarra, a Palestinian physician and human rights activist,
thus describes a situation in her personal blog, "I don't know exactly
what was going on inside the little heads of the kids who were
preparatory school children, of Al Buriege boy's preparatory school. But
the two tiny bodies were shot, with many bullets, as I was told by my
colleagues at the emergency room at the Al Aqsa hospital…On November 10,
the dreams of two tiny kids has stopped forever."

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Chris Keeley

New Years

New Years Love bunny

Filomena Ristorante
1063 Wisconsin Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20007

(202) 338-8800

December 31, 2007 at 10:30 PM
Party of 2
Chris Keeley

Of course, anyone who reads widely in the spy genre — or just types “dead drop” into Wikipedia — wil

Of course, anyone who reads widely in the spy genre — or just types “dead drop” into Wikipedia — will recognize the methodology. “This stuff is not really secret,” Mr. Weisberg said.

December 22, 2007
From Undercover to Between Covers

Joseph Weisberg looks about how you would expect a Brooklyn dad and schoolteacher to look, with a bald head, white-flecked beard and baggy leather jacket. So on a recent frigid night, when he ambled down a Park Slope street and surreptitiously passed off a plastic container from a gumball machine to a reporter, nobody noticed.

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Chris Keeley

Publication:Times of India Mumbai; Date:Jun 28, 2007; Section:Times Nation; Page Number:15

Publication:Times of India Mumbai; Date:Jun 28, 2007; Section:Times Nation; Page Number:15

52% Punjab cops drug addicts Suspending Them Not A Solution: Officers Rohit Mullick | TNN

Chandigarh: Punjab police, which earned laurels for waging a successful war against militancy in Punjab throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, today seems to be fighting a losing battle to drug addiction.

    A survey conducted by the police department in border districts of Amritsar, Taran Taran and Gurdaspur has put the percentage of addicts, including alcoholics, in the force at a staggering 52%. IG (border zone) R P Meena said, “Over half of the policemen in border regions are alcoholics or into drugs. They are up to the rank of inspectors.’’ While many of them have turned alcoholic, the rest are falling prey to opium. There is also a small percentage of policemen who use drugs such as smack and heroin.

    But now that the Punjab police have woken up to the reality, steps are being taken to clean up the Aegean stables.

    All the SSPs have been asked to identify addicted personnel in their districts and once a clear picture emerges, the department will start organising de-addiction camps. Meena said, “All the cops who are alcoholics or into drugs will also be provided counselling on a regular basis.’’ The IG said personnel are becoming addicts due to increased job stress, long duty hours and easy availability of drugs, which do not cost much.

    However, Meena said, “The problem of drugs among policemen shouldn’t be looked at differently. It just reflects the overall picture of Punjab society, which is in the grip of drugs and alcohol abuse.’’ Senior police officers said suspension is not an answer to the problem.

    An officer said thousands of policemen will lose their jobs if they are suspended but this will not help them quit drugs and alcohol. The officer said the police department alone is not in a position to solve the problem of drug menace and added the government should also extend help in conducting research and opening drug-de-addiction centres.

    He confessed that drug addiction was one of the major reasons why cops turn into criminals. A senior officer said a number of policemen who are addicts get into drug peddling and other crimes like bank robberies and assaults. In the last three months, the Punjab police have registered 87 criminal cases involving 115 policemen.

Chris Keeley

William Pfaff on Ending Occupations--12/22/07

Iraq Majority Believes Peace Requires Occupation's End*

*By William Pfaff*
*Date* 2007/12/22 15:50:00

Paris, December 20, 2007 – The American military command in Iraq is
regularly sponsoring 19 focus group consultations, conducted by outside
contractors, in five Iraqi cities. The findings are presented to General
David Petraeus as part of the Battle Update Assessment his staff
compiles daily.

They offer good news and bad news for the command. The latest one notes
the fall in roadside bombings and attacks on civilians. As reported by
The Washington Post (December 19), it also indicates increased
satisfaction with local government in Baghdad, and a rise in fuel
supplies, although in each case from a very low base: 25% now are
satisfied with their local authorities, and 15% say more fuel is available.

Much more important is something the American military sponsors report
as very good news, although it is objectively bad news for Bush
administration leaders. It’s also bad for those Democratic as well as
Republican presidential candidates who share the received wisdom of the
Washington policy community that says the United States must stay in
Iraq. Stay for years, even for decades (as the Pentagon now is
planning), with permanent bases there, supposedly to anchor Middle
Eastern stability and guard America’s oil supply.

The majority of Iraqis participating in these focus groups assert that
“the key to national reconciliation” in Iraq is departure of the
“occupying forces.”

The American military command analysts justifiably see this as evidence
of a “shared belief” among Iraqis that they can overcome the current
civil struggle in their country when the United States and its allies
leave the country.

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Chris Keeley

Kosovo vs Palestine

From: *Edward Peck*
Date: Dec 22, 2007 1:32 PM
Subject: Kosovo vs Palestine

Let's take just a moment, OK,  to see if we all have this straight.
Listen up.

The US is strongly behind a UN effort to let the Balkan province of
Kosovo become an independent county.  According to a very supportive
editorial in the December 17th  /Washington Post/, Kosovo "formed a part
of Serbia until a 1999 NATO military intervention aimed at stopping the
brutalization of its ethnic Albanian population by the Serbian army".

The idea is to let Kosovo declare its independence, a move opposed by
Serbia, which insists that a "territory populated by 100,000 Serbs and 2
million Albanians remain part of Serbia".   The EU would send a mission
to "help police Kosovo and oversee its government.  This followed  an
agreement by NATO last month that its 16,500 troops would remain", to
protect Serbs remaining in the new country plus those who fled during
the conflict and choose to return.

Right, got it now?  It's not at all difficult to see how this
interesting approach could not possibly be applied to Occupied
Palestine.  The situation is completely, entirely different:

1. Palestine was never a part of Israel, so that issue doesn't fit.

2. Kosovo's Albanians are no longer being brutalized, illegally occupied
and colonized.

2. The statistics on ethnic disparity are not precisely the same, so
they can't be used.

3. No one is going to be allowed in to police the new arrangement, so
forget that.

4. The US is not going to allow the subject to come up.  In any form.
Or forum.  Anywhere. Period.

The editorial mentions two other interesting points, which further
underline and emphasize the vast gulf separating  Palestine's situation
from that of Kosovo.  The "increasingly belligerent Russians" have
refused to accept the plan, and blocked it in the Security Council last
summer.   The Serbs "could try to destabilize the new state by cutting
off power sources and encouraging rebellion by Serbs living in the
northern part of Kosovo".

America's position on these two regions elevates our well-know global
hypocrisy program to a new world-class level.  Let's call it Dynamic
Hypocrisy, and claim it for our own.
Chris Keeley

More wisdom from Uri Avnery.

Avnery: The Hamas Cease-Fire Offer--12/22/07
More wisdom from Uri Avnery.

Uri Avnery

           Help! A Cease Fire!

FORGET THE Qassams. Forget the mortar shells. They are nothing compared
with what Hamas launched at us this week:

The chief of the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip, Ismail Haniyeh, has
approached an Israeli newspaper and proposed a cease-fire. No more
Qassams, no more mortars, no suicide bombings, no Israeli military
incursions into the Strip, no "targeted liquidations" of leaders. A
total cease-fire. And not only in the Gaza Strip, but in the West Bank, too.

The military leadership exploded in anger. Who does he think he is, that
bastard? That he can stop us with such dirty tricks?

THIS IS the second time within a few days that an attempt has been made
to thwart our war plans.

Two weeks ago, the American intelligence community declared, in an
authoritative report, that Iran had stopped its attempt to produce a
nuclear bomb as early as four years ago.

Instead of heaving a sigh of relief, Israeli officials reacted with
undisguised anger. Since then, all the commentators in Israel, as well
as our huge network of hired pens around the world, have tried to
undermine this document. It is mendacious, without foundation, motivated
by a hidden, sinister agenda.

But miraculously, the report survived unscathed. It has not even been

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