December 20th, 2007

Chris Keeley

For Israel's Arab Citizens, Isolation and Exclusion

For Israel's Arab Citizens, Isolation and Exclusion

Subject: For Israel's Arab Citizens, Isolation and Exclusion

One remarkable feature of this somewhat lengthy story for me is that it
appeared on the front page of *The Washington Post* for December 20th.
It is a rather poignant up-to-date description of apartheid in Israel.

Regards,  John

Chris Keeley

Ahmad Khalidi: "Statehood does not offer the equitable solution

Ahmad Khalidi: "Statehood does not offer the equitable solution
the Palestinian people deserve" (GUARDIAN)

TO: Distinguished Recipients
FM: John Whitbeck

Transmitted below is a significant article in today's GUARDIAN by Ahmad
Khalidi, a London-based member of one of Jerusalem's most ancient and
distinguished families.

Like many other true friends of the Palestinian people, he has come to
recognize -- and has decided to go on the record as recognizing -- that
the "two-state solution" has degenerated into, in his words, "a punitive
construct devised by the Palestinians' worst historical enemies: Israel
and its implacable ally, the US". Like many other true friends of the
Palestinian people, he has come to recognize that the "two-state
solution" has become the weapon of choice of the true enemies of the
Palestinan people with which these enemies hope to definitively crush
and subdue the Palestinian people and destroy any hope of justice.

Those of us who are neither Israeli nor Palestinan and neither Jewish,
nor Muslim nor Arab yet have become passionately involved in the issue
of Palestine/Israel are highly likely to have become so involved out of
a deeply held concern about justice and injustice. Even during the years
between 1988 and 2000 when my "Two States, One Holy Land" framework for
peace was being published 40 times in assorted lengths and languages,
while I was traveling around the Middle East, Europe and America trying
to stimulate interest in my personal peace plan and while a decent
"two-state solution" still seemed possible (even if less so with each
passing year and each additional or expanded settlement), I recognized
that even my "utopian dream" was far from representing justice. I used
to refer to the objective of "peace with some measure of justice".

On reflection, even a decent "two-state solution" would have rewarded,
legitimized and perpetuated ethnic cleansing, racism and apartheid --
something that could scarcely fill the heart of anyone concerned with
justice with unalloyed satisfaction, let alone joy.

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Chris Keeley

Hanan Ashrawi on The Demographic Argument--BitterLemons 12/17/07

     The demographic argument is inherently racist

*an interview with Hanan Ashrawi *

*bitterlemons:* Israel's demand to be recognized as a "Jewish state" at
Annapolis caused an uproar among Palestinians. This doesn't seem like a
new demand, so why the uproar?

*Ashrawi:* It is new in a sense. It is new as a prerequisite for
negotiations. The demand has always been the recognition of Israel. Then
Israel added the recognition of Israel's "right to exist", and then the
recognition of it's right to exist as a "Jewish state". But when the PLO
recognized Israel in 1993 there was an assumption that that was it, in
the context of a two-state solution and international law and UN General
Assembly Resolution 181 and Security Council Resolution 242.

This issue of the Jewishness of the state came up recently mainly
because of the so-called demographic issue--which to me is an inherently
racist issue--which became the central motivation for the two-state
solution among the Israeli right, including Ariel Sharon. The fear of
the demographic balance, projections for the birthrate and so on, led
people to this position, and now Israel wants to ensure that there is
always a Jewish majority.
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Chris Keeley

William Pfaff, The God of American Politics--12/18/07

<> : The
God of American Politics
on 2007/12/19 19:20:00 (537 reads)

Paris, December 18, 2007 -- The talk about religion that has become so
revealing a part of the developing American presidential campaign
demonstrates that the God who in the past in American political
discourse was invoked with awe in great causes, sometimes even with
Biblical fear and trembling, has been traded in for a deity that offers
competitive political endorsements based on the fundamentalist
Protestant orthodoxy of the candidates.

This I suppose was to be expected ever since George W. Bush in 2001
brought the fundamentalists’ divinity into international play as a
fighter for America against the agents and agencies of Evil.

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