December 4th, 2007

Chris Keeley

Works by Malick Sidibé

Works by Malick Sidibé 

Malick Sidibé: Photographies Inédites Malick Sidibé: Photographies Inédites. "...En 1962, Malick ouvre son propre studio dans le quartier très vivant de Bagadadji. Tout en réalisant des photographies de studio, il effectue de nombreux reportages sur les loisirs des jeunes du tout nouvel Etat malien : les soirées, les surprises-parties, les noces, les fêtes où l'on danse, où l'on exhibe ses vêtements, les bars, les clubs de jeunes où l'on écoute et danse sur les disques de pop music, rock and roll, soul music, ainsi que les sorties sur les bords du fleuve Niger. Surtout à partir de 1968, à partir du 'temps des disques' (et du changement de régime). Le studio Malick, à l'angle 19 de la rue 30, attire son lot de clientèle régulière. 'Le studio, ça marchait les jours de fête. Je pouvais faire trois heures de temps arrêté devant le trépied. J'avais mon petit qui était à la porte qui faisait les réceptions, qui écrivaient les noms", tout ça jusque "vers une heure, au milieu de la nuit'. Les studios de quartier restent ouverts une bonne partie de la nuit, car la clientèle est plus nombreuse le soir." (fr) More Works by Malick Sidibé at Hackel Bury Fine Art in London.
Chris Keeley

This is Frightening

 Edward L. Peck

   For those of us who think that it will all work out, that rational,
   reasonable minds will prevail, take a look at this.  Gingrich is
   certainly neither stupid nor uninformed, but his biased, racist,
   hate-filled rant is frightening – or it should be if you consider
   that he represents a sizeable segment of the population..  And some
   of them are much farther out on the boundaries of lunacy than he is.

   I find it frightening, even allowing for my relative fixation on the
   Middle East and the Muslim world.  The approach that he is
   underwriting can create a catastrophe of galactic proportions.
     Read this

       Gingrich Transcript
       Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich delivered the following
       remarks to a Jewish National Fund meeting Nov. 15 at the Selig

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Chris Keeley

So we accept this totally one-sided definition of the world in

 So we accept this totally one-sided definition of the world in
       which our enemies can cheerfully lie on television every day,
       and we don't even have the nerve to insist on the truth. We
       pretend their lies are reasonable. This is a very fundamental
       problem. And if you look at who some of the largest owners of
       some of our largest banks are today, they're Saudis.

       You keep pumping billions of dollars a year into countries like
       Venezuela, Iran and Saudi Arabia, and Russia, and you are
       presently going to have created people who oppose you who have
       lots of money. And they're then going to come back to your own
       country and finance, for example, Arab study institutes whose
       only requirement is that they never tell the truth. So you have
       all sorts of Ph.D.s who now show up quite cheerfully prepared to
       say whatever it is that makes their funders happy - in the name,
       of course, of academic freedom. So why wouldn't Columbia host a
       genocidal madman? It's just part of political correctness. I
       mean, Ahmadinejad may say terrible things, he may lock up
       students, he may kill journalists, he may say, "We should wipe
       out Israel," he may say, "We should defeat the United States,"
       but after all, what has he done that's inappropriate? What has
       he done that wouldn't be repeated at a Hollywood cocktail party
       or a nice gathering in Europe?

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Chris Keeley

US Says Iran Ended Atomic Arms Work

 The fact that this National Intelligence Estimate has made it into the
public domain can ony be very good news.
Bush and Cheney must be livid with frustration.

*US Says Iran Ended Atomic Arms Work*

By Mark Mazzetti

The New York Times

Monday 3 December 2007

WASHINGTON, Dec. 3 — A new assessment by American intelligence agencies
concludes that Iran
halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003 and that the program remains
frozen, contradicting judgment two years ago that Tehran was working
relentlessly toward building a nuclear bomb.

The conclusions of the new assessment are likely to reshape the final
year of the Bush administration, which has made halting Iran's nuclear
program a cornerstone of its foreign policy.

The assessment, a National Intelligence Estimate that represents the
consensus view of all 16 American spy agencies, states that Tehran is
likely keeping its options open with respect to building a weapon, but
that intelligence agencies "do not know whether it currently intends to
develop nuclear weapons."

Iran is continuing to produce enriched uranium, a program that the
Tehran government has said is designed for civilian purposes. The new
estimate says that enrichment program could still provide Iran with
enough raw material to produce a nuclear weapon sometime by the middle
of next decade, a timetable essentially unchanged from previous estimates.

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Chris Keeley

Heather Kuzmich has the neurological disorder known as Asperger’s syndrome

Heather Kuzmich has the neurological disorder known as Asperger’s syndrome

Asperger’s Syndrome Gets a Very Public Face

Heather Kuzmich has the neurological disorder known as Asperger’s syndrome. She is socially awkward, has trouble making eye contact and is sometimes the target of her roommates’ jokes.

But what makes the 21-year-old Ms. Kuzmich different from others with Asperger’s is that for the past 11 weeks, her struggle to cope with her disability has played out on national television.

She is one of 13 young women selected by the supermodel Tyra Banks to compete on the popular reality television show “America’s Next Top Model.” The addition of Heather Kuzmich to an otherwise superficial show has given millions of viewers an unusual and compelling glimpse into the little-understood world of Asperger’s.

The disorder, considered a form of autism, is characterized by unusual social interaction and communication skills. Aspies, as people with the condition like to call themselves, often have normal or above-average intelligence, but they have trouble making friends and lack the intuitive ability to gauge social situations. They fail to make eye contact and often exhibit a single-minded fixation that can be both bizarre and brilliant.

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Chris Keeley

Fact-Checking Dobbs: CNN Anchor Lou Dobbs Challenged on Immigration Issues

A 2005 report on Lou Dobbs Tonight claimed there had been 7,000 new cases of leprosy in the U.S. over the past three years. In fact, there have been 7,000 cases reported over the past 30 years 


Lou Dobbs, anchor and managing editor of CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight. His latest book is “Independents Day: Awakening the American Spirit.

JUAN GONZALEZ: “CNN anchor Lou Dobbs may be the most important person in the 2008 presidential election aside from the candidates themselves.” That’s the opening line of a recent column by Christopher Gacek on the website Politico. Gacek goes on to write, “The bundle of concerns that Dobbs and his audience have about globalization, trade, diminished American sovereignty and immigration will be ignored by politicians at their own peril.”

As anchorman and managing editor of the show Lou Dobbs Tonight, Dobbs has used his nightly program on CNN to help make immigration one of the most discussed issues of the 2008 campaign. Dobbs describes himself as an independent populist. He titled his latest book Independents Day: Awakening the American Spirit. His previous book was titled War on the Middle Class: How the Government, Big Business, and Special Interest Groups Are Waging War on the American Dream and How to Fight Back.


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Chris Keeley

AMY GOODMAN: —not true.

AMY GOODMAN: —not true.

LOU DOBBS: —we said that. And that’s as straightforward as we can put it.

AMY GOODMAN: And you made an announcement on your show—

LOU DOBBS: Absolutely.

AMY GOODMAN: —and you will say it here—

LOU DOBBS: Absolutely.

AMY GOODMAN: —that it is not true. Illegal immigrants 

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Chris Keeley

ACTION ALERT: Stop Rep. Tom Lantos from Holding Biased Hearing

Stop Rep. Tom Lantos from Holding Biased Hearing on Annapolis
Conference Tomorrow *

Congressman Tom Lantos (D-CA), Chairman of the United States House
Committee on Foreign Affairs, has called for a hearing for Wednesday
afternoon at 2:30pm on *"After Annapolis: Next Steps in the Middle East
Peace Process." * Rep. Lantos has represented California's 12^th
district since 1981. During this time, he has been a strong advocate of
Israel in the House of Representatives and an ally of AIPAC, as well as
sponsor of the war in Iraq.

This biased hearing will feature two witnesses: *Dennis Ross* of the
Washington Institute for Near East Policy and *David Wurmser* of Delphi
Global Analysis Group.

For more than twelve years, Dennis Ross played a leading role in shaping
American involvement in the Middle East peace process. He was
responsible for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations during both George H.W.
Bush and Clinton administrations. Currently, Ross is counselor of the
Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the research arm of
AIPAC. Professors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer named Dennis Ross as
a member of the Israel Lobby in their recent book, /The Israel Lobby and
US Foreign Policy/.

David Wurmser has previously served as the Middle East advisor to Vice
President Dick Cheney and was a former research fellow on the Middle
East at the American Enterprise Institute. Many credit Wurmser, a
neoconservative, as being one of the main authors of the 1996 report /A
Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm/, which was prepared
for then incoming Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. A pro-Israel
ideologue, Wurmser has advocated war with Iran and US interference in
Syria - Lebanese relations. His wife, Meyrav Wurmser, is the director of
the Center for Middle East Policy at the neoconservative-aligned Hudson

_This absurd witness list shows that Congressman Lantos is not capable
of exercising his duties as Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign
Affairs in a responsible manner. _Dennis Ross and David Wurmser should
not be dictating the next steps for the peace process, please help us
bring about change on Capitol Hill today!

*TAKE ACTION*: Pick up the phone and call Rep. Lantos today at
*202-225-3531* and demand that he add to the witness list a
representative of an organization that is unbiased, or at least not
pro-Israeli. Eugene Bird, president of CNI, has formally asked that two
members of the recent delegation to the Middle East, Ambassador Robert
Keeley and Richard Bliss, be added to the witness list today. If Rep.
Lantos is unwilling to provide the Committee on Foreign Affairs with
impartial experts, the least he can do is balance his partiality with
witnesses who have recently traveled to the region and can testify as to
the realities on the ground.

The delegation from the Council for the National Interest Foundation
recently completed a five-nation trip to the Middle East in exercise of
"citizen" diplomacy. Along with peace activists and non-governmental
organizations, the delegation met with high-ranking officials in Israel,
Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon to discuss the implications of the
Annapolis conference.

_Don't let Congressman Lantos get away with another biased hearing_.
*Take action today!*

Call his office today at 202-225-3531 and inform him that these biased
hearings on the Hill will no longer be tolerated. Please suggest that he
counterbalance the witness list with members of the CNI Foundation
delegation.  *Your phone calls will make a difference!*

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation:
Donate to the CNI Foundation!
Council for the National Interest Foundation
1250 4th Street SW, Suite WG-1 · Washington, DC 20024
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